In Miami Debut Race: Verstappen won

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In Miami Debut Race: Verstappen won

Max Verstappen today (Sunday) defeated the Miami Grand Prix, which was held for the first time, after he managed to overtake the pair of Ferrari cars that opened in the front row. As you may recall, the Dutch world champion started the race from third place after finishing last night. Charles Leckler finished second and Carlos Saines finished third.

Already in the first lap Verstappen passed Saines on the way to second place and from there the chase for Keller began. Already in the ninth lap Verstappen overtook the Mongsky on the way to the lead, and from there he went on to widen the gap.

After a relatively quiet race came a Lando Norris crash (coming out of the race) after colliding with Pierre Gassley in lap 41. The safety car went into lap 47, then a renewed battle began between Verstappen and Leckler, and in the end it failed to overtake the Dutchman despite many attempts.

Verstappen Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez finished in fourth place and a pair of Mercedes drivers, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, finished in fifth and sixth places respectively and recorded one of the best races this year of the manufacturer that won the title last season. In the end, Verstappen recorded a second consecutive victory and a third victory this year after the races in Emilia-Romagna in Italy and Saudi Arabia.

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