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The authorities of Mordovia are trying to solve the sore problem of queues at banks and post offices, which arose three months ago – after the collapse of the regional KS-bank, which was a partner of the project “Unified Social Card of the Republic of Mordovia”. Beneficiaries still cannot replace these cards. On Saturday it became known that a temporary point for issuing new social cards with a transport application will be opened in the building of the Republican House of Culture (RDK), where the local philharmonic society is located.

According to the official portal of the state authorities of the region, the work schedule of the point is from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 hours. It will have 30 windows to serve visitors. You can get cards only here.

Recall that the collapse in this area began on August 6, when the local KS-bank lost its license, which was a partner of the project “Unified Social Electronic Card of the Republic of Mordovia” (ESEK) and accepted utility bills without a commission. In the branches of a large federal bank, which had assumed financial obligations, the excitement reigned. Long lines lined the sidewalks at the office entrances. The same queues have to stand in order to pay for utility bills.

As for the re-registration of the ESEK, another federal bank took over this task, but it has only three offices in Saransk. People were not offered a clear algorithm for replacing cards, and therefore the excitement has not subsided until now. In order to activate the cards, you need to stand in one of its queues – at the Russian Post offices. Moreover, the bulk of the people standing in endless lines are pensioners and disabled people. In a pandemic, this creates an additional risk of infection.

In connection with numerous complaints, the head of the Republic of Moldova, Artem Zdunov, instructed Deputy Prime Minister Natalya Tarkaeva to take this issue under special control, noting that there should not be such a problem next month. On the last working day of October, it was decided that the old social cards will be valid until the end of November.

by the way

You can apply for a new social card on the bank’s website, as well as in VTB branches at the following addresses: Saransk, Lenin Ave., 19; st. Polezhaeva, 52; ave. 70 years of October, 77a; st. Proletarskaya, 39 (point of issue in the RDK); Ruzaevka, Privokzalnaya Square, 2. In addition, you can contact any of the four subscriber points based on the settlement centers of Saransk and settlement centers in Ruzayevka, the villages of Chamzinka and Torbeevo.

The ordered card can be received only after a call from a bank employee who will inform about the readiness and the exact time of its issue.



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