In Moscow, traffic cameras began to register travel between lanes

The first traffic camera, which registers the passage between the lanes, began to work in the southeast of the city, soon such cameras will be installed in other problem areas, according to the Telegram channel of the Moscow Department of Transport.

“We are starting to record the passage between the lanes. The camera recognizes both motorcycles and cars. The first complex is already operating in the southeast of the capital, but soon we will install them in other problem areas, ”the message says.

The department explained that some drivers drive on refuzz, which have been allocated lanes for public transport for safety. Because of this, other vehicles are deprived of their lateral spacing and, in the event of a dangerous situation, room to maneuver. For driving between lanes in st. 12.15.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation provides for a fine of 1500 rubles. The road camera will take several pictures of the car, and the trajectory of the movement will be indicated in the photo in the decree.

The traffic police in Moscow reported that the camera was installed at the address: st. Lublinskaya, house 157, towards the center. According to the footage from the camera, 17 decisions have already been made, and one of the fines has been paid.

On October 19, the Department of Transport reported that the first camera for recording driving a car with the dipped headlights turned off began to work in Moscow. The department recalled that a car with its headlights on is better visible in any weather. Oncoming traffic and pedestrians will be able to quickly recognize a car on the road, which will help reduce the risk of getting into an accident through carelessness. The fine for driving with the headlights off is 500 rubles.



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