in New York a plaque for Arturo Di Modica-

in New York a plaque for Arturo Di Modica-

2023-06-03 21:08:30


The plaque that pays tribute to the Sicilian sculptor who died in 2021 and which certifies the paternity of the famous sculpture was delivered to Mayor Eric Adams

New York and Sicily united, on the day of the Italian Republic Day, for a special event. on 2 June when the art of a sculptor, whose world-famous work The Bull of Wall Street, shines in the American metropolis for an important recognition to memory: a plaque in memory of Arturo Di Modica, originally from Vittoria (Ragusa ),
passed away on February 18, 2021 at the age of eighty, is delivered into the hands of Eric Adams, mayor of the city, from Antonio Laspina, director of the Italian Trade Agency.

the goal of a long journey strongly desired by the Friends of Arturo Di Modica association, created to keep the memory of the Sicilian master alive. In addition to Laspina, they include Luciano Moresco, Fabrizio Bartolizzi, Dionisio Cimarelli and Nicola Fiasconaro, master pastry chef from Castelbuono (Palermo). Who, among other things, promised the sculptor, on the occasion of his visit to New York (I didn’t know the artist personally) to work with him on the creation of a chocolate bull. But this is a story yet to be written.

The plaque, which certifies the paternity of the Charging Bull, reads: The statue is a creation of the Sicilian sculptor Arturo Di Modica, who arrived in New York in 1971 to live and work. This work is a gift from Arturo to the city of New York, brought to Bowling Green on October 20, 1989 as a symbol of America’s strength and its values. During the event, the Italian anthem played behind the Wall Street Stock Exchange, while the tricolor flag was hoisted over the financial district.

This place — he said the consul general Fabrizio Di Michele — symbolizes the deep and ancient bond between New York and Italy. The Italians physically built this city in the last century and contributed to its grandeur. Even today, new generations of Italians in the world of business, academia, medicine, research, science and art contribute to the extraordinary vitality of New York and the entire Tristate area. We are grateful to the mayor for wanting to participate in the raising of the tricolor flag, thus bearing witness to the city’s love for Italy and the Italians.

For his part, the mayor spoke generously towards the Italian American community: You are important for many reasons. You are protagonists of catering, music, politics. Yours is a community that upholds the three primary foundations of the city. Family, business, public safety. It should be emphasized that that had never happened the mayor of New York participated in the celebrations for the Day of our Republic.

Thank you for the prestigious award — he said Luciano Moresco —. It was painful for us to have one Tour nameless. From now on the world will know whose hands and mind are behind the symbol of New York finance. AND Nicholas Fiasconaro: The coveted goal has been achieved, but this must also be an opportunity to relaunch the figure and art of Arturo Di Modica in Sicily and in Italy. Pride of our country. He has worked a lot in the United States, of course. But he is a Sicilian genius. The Chocolate Bull? I still remember Arturo’s words when he told me that he wanted to play artistically with chocolate. We will work on it, a next goal.

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