In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 1 October: Salvini is radioactive: nobody wants it. Sic transit

The social machine

The “Beast” stays alive and kicking. And now he cancels Zaia and Giorgetti

Luca Morisi is gone, but his “Beast” is alive and well. The system devised by Salvini’s spin doctor has now been received by the members of the group and continues to work, even without its guru. The members of Morisi’s team are almost all in their place: Fabio Visconti, Andrea Zanelli, Fabio […]

The sentence

Riace case, 13 years in Lucano “Criminal association”

Locri – The prosecutor had asked for 8. He: “Not even the mafia, it’s all over”

The interview

“Between undecided and suburbs Raggi can do it”

Alessandro di Battista – Administrative – Capital challenge

Out of competition

The sloth of the Democratic Party in Orbetello: right and left are the same

The left stopped at Orbetello. In the beautiful Etruscan and then Spanish town of the last southern strip of Tuscany, the Democratic Party succeeded in the masterpiece of formally mistaking the presentation of the list to the Municipal Councils of the day after tomorrow: and so first the TAR and then the Council of State could only certify it exclusion. But […]


Life imprisonment, the anti-mafia judges reject the “discounts” to the bosses

Feel Ardita, Sabella, Caselli, Scarpinato and Tescaroli

Greta and the others

Draghi predicts the future: “All G20 leaders want to act”

Yesterday was Mario Draghi’s day at the youth conference on climate, the Youth4Climate, in Milan. He met Greta Thunberg before, in the prefecture, and they talked about the challenges that await Italy at the next G20, on 30 and 31 October, in Rome. At the presentation of the final document of the conference, in favor of cameras, he […]

Trial in the Vatican

“14 million disappeared in London, some ended up in Becciu”

The minutes – Chaouqui accuses the former deputy of the Secretariat of State

The interview

“Giorgia and Matteo are two crazy … Giorgetti governist reminds me of Alfano”

Ignazio La Russa

The hypothesis

Investigations on pusher and prostitution: so the tour widens and points to Milan

Case Morisi – And the points still obscure


Now Gualtieri is aiming (too) high: “We first in the ballot”

The former minister – The meeting with Letta

The intervention

“One hundred diehards are waiting for May: they will be out without collaborating”

Scarpinato – “In 2000 Provenzano reassured his parents on the success of the negotiation on the ostative”


Mobility at pre-covid levels and infections do not increase

There is good news: since mid-July, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the correlation between the mobility and trend of infections seems to have broken. Since February 2020, the data have always recorded an increase in infections in the face of an increase in the circulation of people and, in the face of restrictions, a decrease. Now not […]

The green certificate

The Green pass effect? Tampons at will and vaccines firm to the pole

Gimbe Report – Over the past six weeks, the moving average of rapid tests has increased by 57.7%

The investigation closed

Libero De Rienzo: death due to heroin overdose

The actor Libero De Rienzo died of an overdose, found lifeless in his apartment in Rome on 15 July. This was established by the Capitoline Prosecutor, with the prosecutor Francesco Minisci who, in the act of closing the investigation, wrote that the death of De Rienzo “is attributable to cardiorespiratory arrest due to acute heroin intoxication”. How many […]

Refunds in civil proceedings

Diamond scam, pm asks for partial archiving

A partial filing request arrives for some of the inflated diamond sales through banks by brokers Idb and Dpi to the detriment of tens of thousands of customers. The prosecutor Grazia Colacicco of the Milan Public Prosecutor asked for the dismissal of 55 of the 73 suspects for aggravated fraud, for some sales from […]

Sacco Hospital, Milan

“Four hundred euros to dress the dead” The racket of the dearly departed at the time of Covid

Corpses and bribes during the pandemic, when the Milan morgues were full of corpses. In the city, the “dearly departed” system does not go out of fashion. Even at the Sacco hospital. Virus or not. Indeed, with Covid it is better. The bribe is richer. As one undertaker explains: “Here it goes like this, get the […]

Accuse a Minenna

“Travel at the expense of Customs” The Prosecutor evaluates the complaint

Entire weekends of travel and stays in seaside resorts at the expense of the Customs and Monopoly Agency. Including the weekend of August spent in Sicily. Officially, these are job “missions”. But there are those who have doubts. All to prove, of course. The Guardia di Finanza of Rome is currently examining a complaint presented on Wednesday […]


Time expired so from today we start drilling again

Late on the Area Plan – Moratorium over No agreement with the Regions, more time is needed: 63 permits can start again

The interview

“Cingolani was not up to his task”

Francesco Masi – Committee No Triv


In 72 hours 14 deaths at work. Bonomi’s no to more severe penalties

Endless massacre – Only yesterday three lost their lives. The government has promised hiring for inspectors and a database. Confindustria is against


The Italy of the underground and illegality is worth 189 billion: the priority is the fight against tax evasion

Undeclared and undeclared work, drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities are worth a total of 189 billion euros, 10.7% of GDP. The data – referring to 2018, the year of the last available survey – is contained in the “Report on the unobserved economy and on tax and social security evasion”, a substantial study attached to the Update of the Economic Document […]

The analysis

NATO ended up in East Berlin Europe now has to defend itself

The Kabul disaster and the EU in the ford

The decline of Sarkozy. From the Elysée to two sentences

Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced yesterday for the second time in seven months. The judges found him guilty of “illegal financing of the 2012 Elysée campaign” and sentenced to one year in prison, the maximum penalty for this offense, which will be applied in the form of electronic surveillance. The former president will therefore not go […]


At 96, the former secretary of the Nazi concentration camp tries to escape

On the run, for a few hours, to avoid being tried. Accusation: aiding and abetting the killing of 11,000 people in the Stutthof concentration camp in Nazi Poland. Irmgard Furchner, 96, was barely of age when he started working as the camp commander’s secretary. His trial was assigned to a juvenile court due […]


Zero extenuating circumstances: life sentence for the femicide policeman

Unconditional – Abused his role to rape and kill Sarah Everard For the judge, Wayne Couzens undermined citizens’ trust: “Like a bomber”

Beyond the border

Tajikistan and the fear of the Talibs

Afghanistan – President Rahmon at the UN: “Kabul is already a den of terrorists”

The scandal film of 1929

“Erotikon” is the silent orgasm

What a cinema – The work of the Czech Machatý has been restored – “Erotikon” is the silent one


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