In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 27 March: There is the Gdf: the Northern League clears all chats


Finance is coming! “The man from Fontana deletes the chats”

Gowns. Investigation into the supplies of the president’s brother-in-law: Caparini (Northern League councilor) uninstalled WhatsApp just before the GdF blitz

of Davide Milosa

The Counts don’t come back Marco Travaglio

In general schizophrenia (no offense to schizophrenics), at least one thing seemed established: Conte is politically dead. Everyone agrees: he is “a peddler of microphones” (Messina, Rep), “on the bridge waving a white clutch bag”, he is “like Theodosius who really believed he could be the emperor of Rome despite being a Hispanic, a provincial, a burino ”,“ buried by his […]

The interview with Lucia Azzolina

“I denounced him, escorted tour: he is at the ministry with the League”

The former school minister

of Virginia Della Sala
The dossier. Lockdown populism

Open, close, open: the twists and turns of the League

Dietrofront. After having endorsed the restrictions of 15 days ago, now Il Carroccio wants to reopen “restaurants, bars, oratories, shops, cinemas and gyms”

of Lorenzo Giarelli
COVID-19. The third wave

Draghi “only” reopens the schools and silences the opener Salvini

After Easter. In class up to sixth grade also in the red zone. Towards norms against “no vax” doctors and penal shield

of Alessandro Mantovani and Giacomo Salvini
The high

Grillo, lesson to the “miraculous” 5S. “And the two terms do not touch”

Assembly. The monologue: From the ecological transition to Rousseau

of Luca De Carolis
The flood 2013

On the 19 dead in Sardinia, the report arrives 8 years later

It devastated Olbia and Arzachena

of Marco Grasso
Sharon Stone. The autobiography comes out on Tuesday

I, a woman who lived twice

“On my vagina, bullshit”

of Federico Pontiggia

Navalny sleepless and suffering: the “cure” of the prison has begun

The dissident is awakened by the guards every two hours and has a broken leg, but does not receive medical assistance

of Michela AG Iaccarino
The Catholic University report. We are 53%

Slow vaccinations. And 7 Regions below the Italian average

Lombardy continues to be the Italian disaster in the pandemic. The “45th Covid-19 report” of the Catholic University of Rome is merciless on the trend of vaccinations: “The monitoring of the new territorial and hospital administration points started from 16 to 24 March”. “Over the past seven days, the Emilia-Romagna Region has activated a significant number of […]

of G. Cal.

Letta sees Sardines and Verdi and attacks Renzi on Arabia

The secretary: “Relations with dictators to be regulated”

of Giacomo Salvini
The Keeper of Seals

New slap to ultras impunity

There will be no parliamentary ambush on the presumption of innocence. The split in the majority on the justice front has been thwarted once again – it had already happened on the statute of limitations – thanks to the moral suasion of the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia and to mediation between the majority forces. The agreement will be made official on Tuesday when the leaders of Justice […]

of Gia. Sal.
The pre-contract

Asse De Luca-Zinga: “Campania will also buy Sputnik V”

Antidotes. The agreement with a Russian sovereign fund

of Vincenzo Bisbiglia
New allegations

Bankrupt, the Lega accountant now faces up to 10 years in prison

Andrea Manzoni investigated for the New Quien crash

of Dav. Mil.
Administrative prosecutors

Magistrates, new rules on social media: “Make use of them soberly”

Social media have changed information and for the first time magistrates are self-regulating. They are the administrative magistrates of the Council of State and the TARs. Yesterday, the plenum of the CPGA approved the guidelines for the use of social media. No gag, the President of the Council of State, Filippo Patroni Griffi, clarified in plenum, but […]

of Antonella Mascali
Late money

The German Council is back: the Recovery Fund blocked

The German law, approved by two thirds of the Parliament, which ratifies the agreement that should give life to the Next Generation Eu program “cannot be issued by the federal president”. With a cold press release and a few peremptory words, the German Constitutional Court yesterday put a big wedge, probably only temporary, at the start of the European plan of […]

of Marco Palombi
The post-Morandi

Aspi towards Cdp & C. Today new offer, the decision in May

32 months of war. The game seems over: the Benettons and Fondazione Crt are pushing for an agreement

of Carlo Di Foggia
TV rights

The balloon will travel the Internet. Vince Dazn, the Sky era ends

Serie A. The online group, in line with Tim, takes the championship. Revolution for subscribers and a bet in the non-digital country

of Lorenzo Vendemiale
Via April 18th

Excellence in the field with makeup

The regional Serie A. Fears for amateur players

of Luca Cardinalini
The case

China uses its influencers against Western “lies”

Mobilization. To respond to the denunciation of the US and Europe on cotton fields and forced labor, Beijing imposes sanctions, while its stars boycott the brands

of Sabrina Provenzani

Modi arrives, angry Muslims

4 dead. The Indian premier participates in the Independence party, the community rises up

of Giampiero Gramaglia
The cinema

Rights to David: the biopic on Ligabue has 15 nominations

The Best of Italian Movies. Chosen by film critics

of Federico Pontiggia

Penelope Cruz takes center stage with Almodóvar

Massimiliano Bruno is struggling with “As long as there is crime there is hope”

of Fabrizio Corallo
The Serie TV

“Sky Rojo”, three escorts escaping from the brothel

From the gang of robbers who attempt the theft of the century to the escape for the freedom of three prostitutes. After the worldwide success of La Casa di Carta (and after Vis a Vis and White Lines) Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are back with a new TV series set in Spain. It is called Sky Rojo ea […]

of Edward Balcony

The article on newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 27 March: There is the Gdf: the Northern League deletes all the chats comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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