In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 28 October: For Draghi, share 99: retired at 59 years old. He can

by time news

The interview

“Misleading debate: the return to Fornero does not protect young people”

Felice Pizzuti

The investigation

Massacres, prosecutors looking for evidence of the money between the graviano and B.

Florence – The boss’s family members have been searched


The Zan bill and the majority are dead. Draghi plans to flee to the Colle

The right and Italia Viva win – Quirinal omen – The defeat with the secret vote: 20 francs shooters The giallorosa capitulate: Supermario president and the Politics in ’23

The petition

“With the heart we say Segre” 80 thousand signatures for the Colle

The senator for life at the Quirinale

Mild controls

Pass, the fines almost zero: it takes ninety days

Covid-19 – Since 15 October, the Prefectures have received a few dozen reports for violations of the obligation at work


Rape drug: lawyers, professor and a senator caught

The investigation – 39 arrests, even the sister of Muti and the partner of the priest under investigation in Prato for the parties with the “Gbl”. Among the clients a politician who lives “in front of the Supreme Court”

The trade and its weapons

Journalism in pieces: inventions and shoes

The book – The portraits of Agnelli, Olmi, Malaparte. The chronicles seen and heard Kilometers traveled to go to places (other than to look on the web) And then intuited, until something became true just for having written it

The negotiations

Today the ok to the maneuver: slaps to all parties

This is the moment to give, Mario Draghi said some time ago. Here is that moment seems to have definitively passed. The control room of the majority – which yesterday discussed the budget law that the government should approve today in the Council of Ministers (in any case late in terms of the law) – had to take […]

Matthew the Saudi

Renzi deserted the Senate and pontificated from Arabia

It is late afternoon when the Italian political debate meets surrealist art. From Saudi Arabia, where he is for an event of the FII Institute foundation for which he deserted the Senate, Matteo Renzi pontificates on civil rights and on the sinking of the Zan bill: “For months I asked to find an agreement, they wanted a clash and these are […]

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Madama Palace

Hunt for “traitors”: Iv almost complete, 5 dem and 2 of the M5S

Screams and suspicions

The investigation

Zoccola: “Here is the ledger of the De Luca system in Salerno”

Votes and tenders – The entrepreneur: “Each coop had a reference advisor”

The movement

5S, Conte wants to secure the vote on the 5 deputies: the coordinators will also be chosen online

The long-awaited secretariat of the Movement with the five vice-presidents is there. But soon it will also be voted on by members on the web, and in times of constant storm for the 5Stelle on the upper floors they fear nasty surprises. Also for this reason, Giuseppe Conte is thinking of “protecting” his deputies by extending the vote also to the coordinators of the four […]

front on vax

“Threats to get the exemption”

Across Italy – Intimidating doctors to avoid the anti-covid vaccine

Codes violated

Theft of keys for Qr code On the net certificate of “Hitler Adolf”

There could be a flaw in the European Green pass system: some private cryptographic “keys” that allow you to generate the green certificate that can be used in all EU countries would have been stolen and with those documents were created that were found to be perfectly valid when verified with the official apps. What is the real extent of the theft […]

Cases throughout Italy

Respiratory virus alert in newborns

It is an alarm for the respiratory syncytial virus epidemic that is affecting very young children throughout Italy, with pediatric wards and intensive care units full of newborns with bronchiolitis and pneumonia caused by the virus. In Padua there are 16 small patients, 4 of whom in intensive care, at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome 10, of which 2, just […]

Mayor of Milan

No vax, on Telegram they threaten Sala: “They want to behead me”

The investigators of the Digos and the Postal Police, coordinated by the head of the Milanese anti-terrorism pool, the prosecutor Alberto Nobili, are investigating the messages of threats against the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, which appeared on the Telegram group “Enough dictatorship! -Protests” , in which over 8 thousand No vax and No Green pass are registered. Messages from […]

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President 2005-2015

Refundsopoli Marche. Condemned Splits

After two acquittals, the sentences arrive for the former president of the Marche Region Gian Mario Spacca and the former vice president of the Regional Council Giacomo Bugaro for the funds of the council groups and regional councilors. Spacca, former Democratic Party, at the helm of the Giunta from 2005 to 2015, was sentenced to one year and eight months, while […]

The Verona tragedy

Babies killed, mother’s body found

The firefighters and the men of the mobile squad of the Verona police headquarters yesterday fished out the lifeless body of Sachithra Ninansala Fernando Dewendra Mahawaduge, the 34-year-old Sinhalese woman who disappeared and suspected of killing her 3 and 11-year-old daughters who they were guests of the “Mamma Bambino” educational community. There […]


And for the parties with the money of the faithful Don Spagnesi wants a plea bargain

He had ended up in the blizzard after his partner was stopped picking up a liter of GBL, the rape drug, from a freight forwarder. Then it was discovered that he was using bidding money to buy drugs to use at sex parties. Now Don Francesco Spagnesi, former parish priest of the church of the Annunciation at Castellina […]

Via la toga

Giorgianni, starting judge no vax suspended by the CSM

Via the toga and instead of salary a maintenance allowance. The Disciplinary Section of the CSM thus sanctioned Judge Angelo Giorgianni, councilor at the Court of Appeal of Messina and former undersecretary of the Interior with the Prodi government, for the intervention made at the demonstration of the no green passes in Rome on 9 October last, which then resulted […]

Venetian Anguillara

The Northern League commune spends 10 thousand euros for Bolsonaro

That Jair Bolsonaro, controversial president of Brazil accused of racism, denial of Covid and disrespect for human rights, would have arrived in the municipality of his great-grandfather Vittorio was known since October 19. On that day, in fact, the council of Anguillara Veneta (Padua), led by the mayor close to the League, Alessandra Buoso, approved a council resolution […]

Protest in Milan

2021, escape from the “Titanic” of San Raffaele: “There is no staff, but they are still building”

A Titanic crashing against the famous iceberg. Only Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are not dancing on the deck of the (cardboard) ocean liner, but the workers of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. And even the iceberg is not made of ice, but of bricks, like the new surgical center of the privately owned hospital […]

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The ordinance of Latini

Terni, the mayor bans “indecent” clothes

Discuss the order of the mayor of Terni Leonardo Latini who, to counter “the phenomenon of prostitution”, imposes the prohibition, in some streets of the city, “to engage in conduct directed in an unequivocal way to offer paid sexual services, consisting in the assumption of attitudes of recall, invitation, allusive greeting “. Too bad that in the same […]

The Afghan Eye

Talib at war against fake news

Fake news spreads from Indian accounts and then arrives in the West: a site reveals how to find out


Poor 007, his secrets are entrusted to Amazon

Millionaire contract – The Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, assigns to the US company the custody of the dossiers of Her Majesty’s Services. Labor alarmed for safety


New government, the coalition. Traffic light close to agreement

We change – Parliament, presidency in Bas (Spd)


Nuclear, Tehran announces resumption of negotiations: the EU remains cautious

The deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator of Tehran, Ali Bagheri, announced via Twitter, after a meeting in Brussels with EU mediators, the resumption of negotiations. Iran has agreed to return to the nuclear negotiating table in Vienna by November. The talks had been suspended since last June, after the election as president […]

The anniversary

Look at that moon, Fred. Blondes, jazz and “easy whiskey”

Buscaglione was born 100 years ago

A Udine

“I’ll stop it…” “You’re a corpse”: the World Funeral Song Festival is back

The ironic celebration of the dead


“The reader on the couch”: anxious, kleptomaniac and even mammon

Tics, manias and paturnias of reading lovers, from the chronic compulsive to those suffering from post-final depression: for Freud, paper is the woman’s body

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