David Rossi and those mysterious League titles

David Rossi’s detective story is not finished, not even after three investigations: the first two on death, filed as suicide despite many oddities, the third for alleged misdirections, linked to the hypothesis of sexual blackmail against Sienese magistrates. Former communications manager of Monte dei Paschi, Rossi falls from the second floor of his office on […]

of Marco Grasso and Stefano Vergine

The League in crisis

The virus deflates Salvini. Minus 10% in one year

Matteo Salvini agitates, bombs the government from the outside, tries to repel the assault on Giorgia Meloni’s leadership and makes alliances with sovereign prime ministers from all over Europe. But the League, after the Papeete crisis in August 2019, has never recovered. A constant collapse, accentuated in the last year, since it began […]


Decisive April for the Giallorosa

End of the month – Conte and letta have to close the agreements, but the knots remain many

The Complaint – The magistrate of the Court of Auditors goes to the prosecutors

“Clever scandal of the Quirinale, so they made me pay”

Stefano Imperiali, former judge of the Court of Auditors, presented a complaint to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office for a series of hardships he had to face after having sentenced two employees of the Presidency of the Republic 4 years ago for shortages from the coffers of the presidential estate of Castelporziano – tax damage of over 4.5 million […]

The interview – Simona Izzo

“The penalty to the workers is an own goal. Now Minister Orlando will intervene “

The director of “wake up my love” criticizes the decision made by Arcelor Mittal

Otherwise tv – Fratricidal fight each armed with his own style

What a laugh the comedians who compete to make people laugh: “Lol”

There are a lot of clichés about comedians: away from the stage they are sad, they are competitive, they are insecure, they would sell their mother for a joke. Almost all true, too. Then there is the story “they never laugh, the comedy of others amuses them little”. And indeed, this is also true. The comedians – as spectators – […]


Bibi’s sense for the press. Applause for him, the rest mud

Premier on trial, deposes Yeshua former manager of the Walla site: “The editors said: it’s Netanyahu who wants it like this”


Salvini must make sense. It will ask again to open

The leader of the League decided to push the premier to change the colors. But before April 20, there is no mention of it


Lombardy: 60,000 over 80s destined to remain ghosts

Milan It was the evening of April 2, when the councilor Letizia Moratti, hit by the tsunami of social criticism of Chiara Ferragni, with a tweet announced: “From April 7 to 11, the over 80s who have not joined the anti-Covid vaccine campaign and those who have not yet been called will be able to get vaccinated simply by going to the vaccination center […]

Genoa opened an investigation on the 32-year-old who died after AstraZeneca

The Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file on the death of Francesca Tuscano, the 32-year-old teacher who died on Sunday following an episode of cerebral thrombosis, after she had undergone the AstraZeneca vaccine ten days earlier, on 22 March. The magistrates, who for now have opened a file to related acts, that is, without […]

Small screen – Behind the personal data issue

Fiore, Lilli, Maria & C. the “forever young” who never give up

With Linus (63 years old) it’s a completely different music. And with Fiorello (60 split) it is another laugh, with Maria De Filippi (59 and broken) another cry. With Luca Zingaretti (athletic in his sixties) another fiction, with Carlo Conti (always 60) another game, and with Bianca Berlinguer (61 and a half), Lilli Gruber (63 full ones) […]


Zaki, the lawyers have asked that the case be passed on to other judges

New hearing, and yet another postponement to Cairo: Patrik George Zaki will remain behind bars in the infamous Tora prison, on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital. Italy, France, Canada and the United States: the diplomats of these countries yesterday were banned from entering the courtroom by the police, despite approval by the court. He had no hope in the […]

of Michela AG Iaccarino


Kanal Istanbul, if you say ‘No’ to the project you are a coup leader

10 admirals under arrest – More than one hundred retired officers are against it, as are environmentalists. But Erdogan promotes the alternative to the Bosphorus

Intrigues – Jordan

Dirty laundry is washed in the royal house

Il re Abdallah II he seeks mediation with his brother accused of plotting

Discoveries – From the Resistance to the “Paper House”

Bella Hello, partisan from the Marches. The anthem was born in Macerata

Bella ciao is the symbolic song of the Italian Resistance, synonymous with the liberation struggle and adapted a thousand times in a thousand ways and in many languages. You can still hear it singing here and there in generally leftist demonstrations (or what remains of it, from Fridays for future to uprisings in Turkey) and even in TV series. […]

of Riccardo Antoniucci


Burghy, Superga, heroine: the hard summer of the 80s

Guarnaccia signs a hilarious novel, neither nostalgic nor consoling, about four teenagers in the “Country to drink”: “While everything changes”, they are shipwrecked

of Crucifix Dentello

Masterizzati – II new album by the singer-songwriter

With Cimini, the film of life ends up in the eight tracks of an “Advertisement”

His voice is that of a generation dispersed in the remote corners of the Net, but connected by social networks, engaged in successful video games between one battle royale and the other, and in the perennial search for its place in the world. He immediately points out that he is a songwriter and that he has something to say, Federico Cimini, in […]

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