In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of March 20: Draghi admits: “Yes, it is an amnesty”. Dl supports

The Supports arrive

The League blocks the decree for hours. Draghi admits: “Amnesty yes, but small”

Bitter debut. Delay. The premier forced to lock himself in a room with the Salvinians to convince them: in the end a compromise emerges

of Carlo Di Foggia

9 and a half weeks Marco Travaglio

No, come on, it will be a joke, it can’t be true. The majority of extralarge intese take two months to photocopy and retouch the Ristori dl, mistaking it for new only because they call it Sostegni; and then, right on the woolen thread, it freezes for another 3 hours. The Government of the Best argues over a pardon as a […]

First flex

The honeymoon is behind us: the polls deflate Draghi

The first coupon of the Draghi government, a full month after the oath at the Quirinale is not exciting for the premier and his ministers. The polls give a unanimous response: the consensus around the former president of the ECB is in decline, the honeymoon with public opinion already seems to be winding down. The confidence of the voters […]

of Tommaso Rodano

AstraZeneca, after the storm we start again (almost) as before

The third wave. Vaccine. France, however, will give THE only over the age of 55. Iss monitoring: Sardinia goes from white to orange

of Alessandro Mantovani
He folder

Stop the quick change workers by taking away the swag

I dem against the caste of displaced persons. Parliament. Enrico Letta’s proposal to stop shirt changes: whoever leaves a group ends up among the “non-members” as in the EU, without taking money

of Giacomo Salvini

Interceptions, Costa attempts the blitz

The deputy (Action). “With the permanent search trojan”

of Giacomo Salvini
The sentence

Crac of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza. Confiscation of 963 million, 6 years in Zonin

A monster confiscation of 963 million euros, a pecuniary sanction for Banca Popolare di Vicenza of 364 million euros, four convictions and two acquittals. This is the outcome of the trial for the collapse of the Venetian bank which caused a 6 billion euro hole and the loss of savings for over one hundred thousand people. The […]

of Giuseppe Pietrobelli

The French are sadistic. Acquired the work of the Marquis

The National Library takes back “its” authors. Thanks to the patrons

of Riccardo Antoniucci and Luana De Micco
Israel. Elections

King Bibi has a dream: to be prime minister for life

The fourth time in two years

of His Fabian
The understanding

The folders under 5 thousand euros were reset between 2000 and 2010

Up to 30 thousand euros of income

of Patrizia De Rubertis

Vaccini, the Best criticizes the Regions (and also the EU)

Mario Draghi finds himself having to face the storm, first of all emotional, represented by the Astrazeneca case, in his first press conference at Palazzo Chigi. And not surprisingly, the first question is about his vaccine. “I have not yet made the reservation, my age group requires vaccination with Astrazeneca so yes, I will, […]

of Wanda Marra
Change of pace?

The Supporters seem Ristori: lost 1 month, few news

The decree. For now, the Draghi government can only follow the line of the Count-2: the funds are wholesale the same as the drafts of the January decree

of Marco Palombi
The interview

“The peak in 15 days, now full intensive care and young patients: it’s the worst time”

Massimo Antonelli. Gemelli Hospital

of Giampiero Calapà
Virus research

Walk fast, otherwise you get the virus

The intention is to give hope and improve knowledge of a still largely unknown virus. But the effect in some cases is hilarious. We are talking about the scientific studies on Covid-19 that universities and research centers are processing continuously and at every latitude. 2 or 3 come out a day. One of the most recent, for example, […]

of Gianluca Roselli
He is believed to be the killer

Agostino, the agent killed in 1989. Boss Madonia sentenced to life in prison

Life imprisonment for Nino Madonia, boss of a mafia family with historical connections in deviant intelligence, indictment for murder of Gaetano Scotto and Francesco Paolo Rizzuto, the latter accused of aiding and abetting: after 31 years of investigations marked by misdirections, secrets of State and institutional silences in the bunker classroom of the Ucciardone of Palermo, the gup Alfredo Montalto (already […]

of Giuseppe Lo Bianco
The novel

Six characters in the “revolt” of the seventies

Dreams. In Celli’s story, struggles and retreats

of Pino Corrias
The case

Also clash with Beijing Biden is no longer Sleepy Joe

“Many enemies, much honor”. A motto that seemed to fit Donald Trump. But Joe Biden, the mild ‘Uncle Joe’, is now competing with him and arguing on two fronts at the same time: “With what was America’s Cold War opponent, Russia, and with the possible opponent in the War. China is coming next cold ”. […]

of Giampiero Gramaglia
The analysis

The Jewish state and the dissolution of the left forces

Progressive crisis. A textbook case

of Gad Lerner
The Film to see

The “Sound of metal” for love, redemption and total resistance

Sound of Metal by Darius Marder

of Anna Maria Pasetti

Favino on the set with Jean Reno, Kelly Reilly and Clémence Poésy

“The hummingbird” flies on the big screen and Luca Zingaretti is the protagonist of “Il Re”

of Fabrizio Corallo
The Serie TV

“Leonardo”, the blockbuster is dressed in “yellow”

Leonardo da Vinci’s life turns into a thriller. The genius is in prison in Milan on charges of poisoning and killing a woman. The investigator in charge of solving the case is called Stefano Giraldi and the investigations become an opportunity to retrace his life, from the first paintings to the events that led him […]

of Edward Balcony

The newsstand article in the Fatto Quotidiano of March 20: Draghi admits: “Yes, it’s an amnesty”. The support comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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