In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of March 31: Vaccines with sponsors. From Primroses to provola

COVID-19. The third wave

“Sponsor to pay for hotspots”: creative finance in the Draghi Plan

Bitter Senate for the Generalissimo Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. Because to hear him everything runs perfectly and is measured to the centimeter. But the budget service of Palazzo Madama risks sending him all optimism askew: he put his nose into the financial endowment that Mario Draghi’s government granted him to cope with the emergency, as well as […]

of Ilaria Proietti

Sim Sala Bim di Marco Travaglio

If I am born again, I want to be Beppe Sala. Do you know a luckier guy than him? Not me. He is the “city manager” in Milan in the Moratti right-wing council (Moratti is called) and everyone mistakes him for a comrade and elected him mayor with the center-left, in which he decides who enters and who does not, distributing the appropriate passes. Release […]

Renzi granturismo

Great bomb record where the bomb arrives

Courses and appeals. The frequent travels of the senator between Africa and the Gulf countries where the arms trade has soared under his government: from 2.1 in 2013 to 14.6 billion in 2016

of Tommaso Rodano and Gianni Rosini

Salvini “pulls”. Giorgetti and snatches his sop

It is about the “mechanism” that should allow for a relaxation of closures from 15 or 20 April, such as the opening of bars and restaurants until a certain time, perhaps 4 pm, in the presence of very comforting data on the progress of the epidemic . And above all to allow Matteo Salvini to save face without annoying Roberto Speranza too much, the […]

of Alessandro Mantovani and Giacomo Salvini
Investigation in Sicily

“Viruses, false data to avoid red: it’s a political input”

Trapani. The councilor for Health Razza who resigned was also investigated for false The investigating judge: “They did not want to lose electoral consent. Citizens pay ”

of Saul Caia and Valeria Pacelli
Dem in pink. The challenge to the room

Serracchiani beats Madia: the director is the “suspended” Lotti

After a fiercely fought weekend with missives, the Democratic Party elected the new group leader in the House: Debora Serracchiani beat Marianna Madia 66 votes to 24. She accused the outgoing group leader, Graziano Delrio, of being a “co-optator”, of having favored the rival, abdicating the role of referee, Madia. Former minister in […]

of Wanda Marra
From Municipalities to Iacp

The batch: the whole PA will be able to hire managers on a term basis

Misunderstandings. Today the decree to unlock the Recovery, but the mechanism devised by Brunetta applies to everyone: calls from private individuals double

of Marco Palombi
Military health

Vaccines and gaffe: the blitzkrieg of gen. Son

In audition. The Commissioner exalts the anti-Covid plan

of Lorenzo Giarelli

Bullets against vaccines. No to Western drugs

Afghanistan, three nurses killed The anti-polio campaign starts, but for the Taliban and Isis it is only a “trick” of the CIA: they tell families that their children risk sterility

of Roberta Zunini

Conte’s plan at the M5S assembly. And Bettini calls him

The former premier. Tomorrow time X

of Luca De Carolis and Wanda Marra
The controversy

Vaccines, now general practitioners are no longer needed

After the family doctors, with the agreement between the Ministry of Health, the Regions, Federfarma and Assofarm, the pharmacists’ recruitment campaign to entrust vaccinations began, starting from mid-April, in the wake of the experiment launched yesterday by Liguria, which has been the forerunner. Not without controversy, since the agreement does not provide […]

of Natascia Ronchetti
The vaccine, stop under 60

AstraZeneca: new German alt

And in Canada for the under 55s. The real name arrives

of RQuotidiano
Yesterday in parliament

“Matteo untore”: fear runs in the Senate among colleagues

“But is Renzi coming?”. But above all: “Yes, the swab will be done?”. Yesterday was supposed to be the day of the vote on the single allowance for children, but in the Senate we talk about something else: Matteo Renzi’s travels abroad and his return to Palazzo Madama after the weekend in Barhein. There are many senators in the Garibaldi hall […]

of Giacomo Salvini
Today under the Senate

No “support” for agricultural work: protests start

Despite a collapse of work in the fields that in 2020 reached three million days, as the unions estimate, the Sostegni decree did not allocate even a cent for the precarious workers in agriculture. There are reliefs for companies, but not even the shadow of compensation for workers. That’s why this morning Flai Cgil, Fai Cisl […]

of Roberto Rotunno

Bolsonaro fears impeachment: he changes ministers and military leaders

A few weeks after the last political shock – the annulment of the sentence of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – Brazil is upset by the new change of Jair Bolsonaro in the government and at the top of the Armed Forces. The denier president, pressured by several requests for impeachment in the House, especially for the disastrous management of the pandemic, yesterday […]

of A. G.

Lichtenberg, the aphoristic physicist

A German classic from the late eighteenth century. The mottos of an antiromantic

of Camilla Tagliabue
The anticipation. The funniest jokes

“The shoe shine philosophers, the intestines of the authors and the body that makes me unconventional”

I wish I had Swift as a hairdresser, Sterne as a barber, Newton at breakfast and Hume at coffee time. A brain health diet could be written. This man had such intelligence that in the world he could hardly be used in anything. Did you enjoy staying with us? Answer: A great deal, almost as much as if I had stayed […]

of Georg C. Lichtenberg
Divine life

Monroe, Gable, Miller and Clift: how many “Moved” to Hollywood

Miller’s novel-screenplay is back in the bookstore, from which Huston drew the film “damned” 60 years ago: it was the last of Marilyn and Clark, who died shortly after

of Federico Pontiggia

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