In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of November 26: “Government delayed by 4 months on the recalls”

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The interview. Chiara Saraceno

“The government ignored us, prejudice wins on the DRC”

The guide of the Ministerial Committee: “Dismiss our proposals, maneuvering punitive choices”


Tax cuts: (small) benefits only for the middle class

Agreement between the parties. Reduction of 8 bln

Of struggle and of government

Skip the “congress” of the Carroccio: too many leaguers without the Green Pass

Cancellation of the December kermesse: with the new rules there would have been many absent among the elected and the militants


War of appraisals and chat: today the D-day of the Grillo jr case.

“Sexual violence”, “consenting relationships”

Sport and procurement

Malagò on the attack of the maneuver: he wants a company and kill Giorgetti’s man

It looks like a movie you’ve already seen. Coni goes into fibrillation every year at the end of the year. It is not the holidays that shake Giovanni Malagò, but the maneuver: the opportunity to get a gift from the government. The desires are always the same: more resources, more power. That autonomy violated by the Giorgetti reform, and then returned in words but not yet in […]

Violence against women

Rai3, Di Mare cancels Mannoia and leads him

To create a special against violence against women, a scheduled and already recorded program concerning violence against women is canceled. Via Fiorella Mannoia, in Franco Di Mare. Last night on Rai3 a Speciale Frontiere was broadcasted by the director of the Di Mare network with the evocative title: “The men […]

Life threatening

Zhan pays dearly for the truth about Wuhan

The activist told with videos the true impact of Covid in China: in prison she is reduced to a ghost


Colle, Draghi begins the consultations: everyone reports to Mario

The premier’s calendar

So he spoke

Salvini digests everything, even his proclamations

Keeping up with Matteo Salvini’s twists and turns is a tiring job, one of those that guarantee early retirement for so long that you have broken your back. On the Green Pass theme, then, the leader of the League showed the best of his dialectical frenzy, with that atavistic inability to use a little prudence […]

Go ahead

Ema: yes to vaccines for under 12. Israel thinks of children 0-5 years old

Aifa opinion is expected for early December

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The interview / 1. Luca Lorini

“Super green pass? If it were up to me, we would already have the vaccination obligation “

Luca Lorini, director of the intensive care of Pope John XXIII in Bergamo. Are closures aimed only at unvaccinated people useful? I state: I no longer know how useful it is to speak to “no vax”. For real. We told him in every way: illustrating the data, showing the coffins that were taken away by the dozen like here from […]

The interview / 2. Andrea Crisanti

“Lost 4 months, now we have too many people discovered without recall”

Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, do we need closures only for the unvaccinated? Transmission of the virus is fueled by the unvaccinated and those who have expired the vaccine. The latter increase with the passage of time. The Super green pass goes in the right direction, but I don’t know […]

Reggio Calabria

Fake attack in Scopelliti: “The Municipality paid the suspect”

‘Ndrangheta massacre. A confidential police source points to the Freemason Schirinzi as the man behind the TNT staging

The anonymous letter

Accusations to Report: Rai has never started the investigation

Up to now, no audit has been opened in Rai on the matter of the anonymous letter against Report and its conductor, Sigfrido Ranucci, which Italia Viva pulled out on Wednesday during a hearing in the Supervisory Committee that concerned anything else, namely the industrial plan of Carlo Fuortes and the appointments of the directors of the newscasts. When it takes the […]

Irregular procurement

Benevento system an audio involves the Campania Region

It still seems to gravitate in the galaxy of the Salerno System, and to the lump of power that revolves around the governor Vincenzo De Luca, Mario Del Mese, the Salerno entrepreneur arrested the day before yesterday by the Prosecutor of Benevento with accusations of corruption on some public contracts. The ex deus ex machina of Ifil, the company that tapped consultancy from the Municipality of Salerno […]

The tender in Genoa

Webuild & C .: “No conflict for Rettighieri”

Webuild Italia and Fincantieri will be able to aspire to the 400 million tender of the so-called overturning of the Fincantieri (navalmeccanica) shipyard in Genoa, despite the fact that, as revealed yesterday by the Fact, the company created in June by the Salini group is chaired by Marco Rettighieri, until May in charge of the “Extraordinary Plan” of the Port Authority, which includes the contract, […]

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The fire in August

Milan, the panels of the Torre di Moro were flammable

The cladding of Torre Moro, the building in the southern area of ​​Milan that burned down on August 29, was made up of panels made of highly flammable material, which were delivered when they had not yet been approved and installed in ways not envisaged by the safety certifications. Details are given in the report of the Fire Brigade, […]

An application has been filed

Orlandi, lawyers: “Former pm Capaldo must be listened to”

The case of Emanuela Orlandi, the girl from the Vatican who disappeared in Rome in 1983 at the age of 15, could be reopened. Giancarlo Capaldo, former deputy prosecutor who investigated the matter, has recently published The Missing Girl, a book which, according to what the magistrate himself explains, actually represents a novel-truth inspired by the story […]

Arrested orthopedist

Sexual abuse of patients in the clinic

The Lecce Public Prosecutor has opened an investigation that led to the arrest of Sergio Cosi, an orthopedist, accused of sexual violence and personal injury against some of his patients in a clinic in Casarano, in Salento. The prosecutor’s thesis is that the doctor, abusing his authority, would have forced women to be abused in the […]

The vote in the plenary

From the EU Parliament yes to the minimum wage. Conte: “Now in Italy”

No effect for the Scandinavian blitz, supported by some Italian center-right politicians, against the European directive on the minimum wage: it passed to the European Parliament with 443 votes in favor, 192 against and 58 abstentions. Not a definitive approval – now the text must be negotiated with the EU Council, the governments – but it is an investiture. On 11 November the directive […]

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Showdown today

Tim, Gubitosi attacks the board of directors on the Kkr case and puts back the proxies. One step away from the exit

A stuff like that, in the disastrous twenty-year history of private Tim, had never been seen. Yesterday the CEO Luigi Gubitosi, disheartened by the first shareholder Vivendi and one step away from the rejection of the Board of Directors, launched an attack on the board with a letter which was then sent to the press agencies. The move demonstrates the now compromised relationships […]

The letters to the institutions

Banca Tercas, Trefiletti “Indemnify customers”

The president of the CentroConsumatoriItalia association, Rosario Trefiletti, returns to ask for justice for thousands of small shareholders of the Cassa di Risparmio di Teramo who in 2014 saw their shares canceled following the substantial default of the bank, which burned tens of millions of savings . “For these savers – wrote Trefiletti in a letter sent […]

Public service

Rai, the division is always illegal

The exit of Conte. The protest because i 5S they were not adequately represented in the nominations raffle is a mistake. Precisely because the Movement had always preached “outside parties” from Viale Mazzini


London and Paris quarrel over drowning migrants

Tragedy in the Channel. Among the 27 victims also three children and a pregnant woman The Kingdom accuses the Elysée of not blocking departures, which responds with 5 arrests


The lira collapses and Erdogan is pulled along

Crisis skyrocketing. The president defends the interest rate cuts, the opposition in the streets


Haftar, arrest warrant for him. And Misurata sentences him to death

For a candidate in the upcoming presidential election on December 24, this is not exactly the best for an election campaign. The military prosecutor has ordered that the arrest warrant issued in 2019 against General Khalifa Haftar be executed. Only yesterday the National High Commission for Elections had accepted the officer’s candidacy. But the […]


Scarpelli’s brushstrokes to “illuminate” his films

The drawings of Age’s partner screenwriter: the context is always social, often political. “You can’t tell anything dramatic if you don’t have irony in your hands”

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