In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano on November 24: Mr. Ita insults everyone: “Half the workers out!”

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Silence of Dragons on Funiciello, Rai-man of the Open marches

The “Fact” asks, the prime minister does not respond

He folder

Bianchi, “shadow minister” of the magic lily

The moves of the lawyer. Open investigation. In a note in the records, the former n. 1 of the Foundation gave indications to Lotti for the Toto-Anas and Rfi-Tecnimont disputes. In which he had interests

COVID-19. The fourth wave

Tampons only for work and travel. Restaurants and entertainment for those already vaccinated or recovered

The Super Green pass. Hypothesis of rules also extended to the white area. In the background, the agreement for the Quirinale?

The interview. Fabiana Dadone

“The vote for the Colle can be a congress for all parties”

The Minister of M5S

Today in junta

Matthew of Arabia claims immunity for the Caste

He gave him a taste on Saturday afternoon from the Leopolda stage. But, after yesterday’s trip to Dubai for the umpteenth conference, it will be today in the Council for the immunities of the Senate that Matteo Renzi will launch the harshest attack against the prosecutors of Florence guilty of having investigated it, together with the other members of the Giglio […]

All is forgiven

Law for dad’s kids. That’s restoration

Hire relatives? you re-can !. The Campania of the De Luca still “trailblazers” with a rule that puts the clock back to 2013. Governors without limits, Renzi’s business: a new air is blowing. Only B. al Colle is missing …

The “contribution”

Bad lieutenants at interpol. Driving to the Emirates or China

General al-Raisi is accused of torture in Paris, but Dubai paid 50 million euros: this is the sum to expand the headquarters of the International Police in Lyon


Renzi, the arsonist of Colle: Casini and Gentiloni “burned”

Italy Viva. The game in shambles

Montecitorio The covid returns: seven positive deputies on the test

The Coronavirus also returns to Montecitorio: seven deputies have tested positive for Covid in the last few days. The flashback of the infections comes shortly after the long-awaited return to normality of the Chamber, which had reopened the ocean liner just two weeks ago. According to parliamentary sources, these are cases found last week and not […]

Nothing dark

Antonio with 2 hats (Inpgi and Chigi) also gives gifts to the elite of journalists

Emergency room. Maneuver, the rule that charges the institution in crisis with INPS without cutting privileges


Maneuver, the 5S are ready for the “blitz”

Negotiation. If the Democratic Party resists, this morning the grillino peach appoints himself speaker

At the “green” conference

Grillo’s joke: “Conte specialist of penultimatums”

The press conference on energy communities and their imminent expansion yesterday quickly took a back seat: in the parliamentary groups building in Rome, attention was catalyzed by the jokes of the founder of the M5S, Beppe Grillo, in a video link. “I am pleased that we are here with the press – said Grillo on the controversy […]

Court of Auditors

In 7 Regions, 1 bed out of 10 planned in intensive care was initiated

“A good 2,669 seats are missing”


The employer can keep the certificate: goodbye to privacy

No of the guarantor

The map

Mps and the others: all the “advice” on names on the boards

Maneuvers. With the former undersecretary


A wire transfer was screened by the lobbying company

A lobbying company used to screen a multinational donation. This is what Alberto Bianchi writes in a document in the proceedings of the investigation into the Open Foundation. This is an email sent by Bianchi on June 17, 2015 to Maria Elena Boschi, Marco Carrai and Luca Lotti. “I am attaching the list of donors I would think […]

Prosecutor of Brescia

Amara, “Storari and Davigo in trial for the minutes”

The Prosecutor of Brescia asks for the indictment of the former councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo and the Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari, under investigation for disclosure of official secrecy, for having disclosed the minutes of the interrogations in which the former Eni lawyer , Piero Amara, revealed the existence of an alleged Masonic group called Loggia Hungary. Amara talked about it […]

“List on sites”

Anac: we need more transparency on blue cars

Bodies and administrations should publish the list of service cars they have, entering data and numbers on their institutional sites, providing for specific measures against abuse. So the Anac, after receiving reports of improper use, urges more transparency on blue cars to avoid corruption and waste of public resources. Symbol of caste, […]

The Marche region decides

Assisted suicide, the first yes in Italy. Doubts about the drug

After the refusal of the Unica Regional Health Authority of Marche (Asur), a first and a second final decision of the Court of Ancona, two legal warnings to Asur, Mario (it is a fictional name) is the first Italian to obtain the opinion of the Ethics Committee for Legal Access to Assisted Suicide. The 43-year-old man is paralyzed from the shoulders to […]

The audition

Anpal on the DRC: “540,000 beneficiaries found work while receiving the subsidy”

While a flood of entrepreneurs, various politicians and a good part of public opinion called them “slackers”, 540,000 beneficiaries of the Citizenship Income found a job while receiving the subsidy. If these are added to those who already had an occupation at the time they asked for support, the total is 720,000. Yes […]

Expenses and weapons

Tempest system: 3 billion for piloted aircraft and drones

Two billion now, one billion later. Italy is preparing to invest three billion in the Tempest system, as part of the examination of the ministerial decree scheme approving the multi-year A / R program n. Smd 36/2021, relating to the development of a complex and interoperable architecture based on a “System of systems” of air combat […]

Prosecutor of Aosta

Maxi-fraud of 27 million on energy: 22 arrests The cost fell on the electricity bills

Five companies in empty warehouses, run by nominees, in Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont and Lombardy. They communicated to the Energy Services Manager works such as the renovation of the coat of condominiums. According to the investigations initiated in July 2019 by the Aosta Public Prosecutor’s Office, and passed with their expansion to the Dda of Turin, those efficiency improvements, however, do not […]


“Anti-union behavior”: the designer Franchi denounced

Named Cavaliere della Repubblica by President Mattarella last May, feared by the workers of her company, terrified by her hostile attitude towards the unions. Elisabetta Franchi (in the photo), a well-known Emilian entrepreneur in the fashion sector, will now have to respond to an appeal pursuant to art. 28 for anti-union behavior filed by Filcams CGIL of Bologna which denounces […]

Accuses him

Maradona, the former Cuban lover: “He raped me and made me drug”

During a press conference in Buenos Aires, the 37-year-old Cuban Mavys Alvarez Rego reiterated the allegations of sexual violence and drugs against Diego Armando Maradona, whose first anniversary of death on Thursday. The woman, who was the lover of the former Pibe de oro from 2000 (when she was 16) until 2005, has […]

Ill-treatment of prisoners

Turin prison, blitz in the psychiatric section

The Turin Public Prosecutor has opened a file against unknown persons for the crime of mistreatment, after the complaint by the president of the Antigone association, Susanna Marietti, on the living conditions inside the Sestante, the psychiatric section of the Lorusso and Cutugno prison in the Piedmontese capital. In the twenty cells of the pavilion, Antigone comments in a note, “there is a single prisoner […]

End of sentence after 16 years

Murder Kercher, Rudy Guede returns to freedom

The only one convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher, Rudy Guede, also returns formally free for the end of his sentence. The supervisory magistrate of Viterbo granted him early release for good behavior. In fact, Guede has already been free for almost a year thanks to the assignment to social services that he was granted in December 2020. Until […]

“Limited competition”

Antitrust multa Apple e Amazon per 200 mln

Maxi-fine of 200 million euros from the Antitrust to Amazon and Apple at the end of the investigation on the restrictions on access to the marketplace. In practice, the two giants, with an agreement signed in October 2018, have prohibited official and non-official resellers of Apple products and Beats (which belongs to Apple) from using, allowing them to be sold only […]

The west advanced

Dear rich, you have now overwhelmed the class struggle

Game over. Opulence has merged with ignorance

The 140 chroniclers

That report on precarious workers that embarrasses the “Republic”

You quickly come back from motherhood. Temporary workers who work in sickness. Sunday, Easter and Christmas. Chroniclers included in the same shifts as guaranteed colleagues and in functions that are difficult to justify in front of a labor judge. Above all, a picture of fragmentation and precariousness that is really difficult to reconcile with the historical battles for work (of the […]


On the Egyptian raids against civilians the Elysée stutters: “We will investigate”

The French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly (in the photo), asked for an investigation to be opened on the “Sirli operation”. But he made no statement, like no other member of the government. Paris is under pressure after the Disclose revelations that unearthed hundreds of top secret documents embarrassing for France: the online newspaper has […]

The analysis

Venezuela, the poor are the secret weapon of Chavismo

The regional elections. The block of the majority representing President Maduro won 20 out of 23 governors, while the opposition paid for its internal rivalries


Healthcare costs, BoJo disappoints: he consoles himself with Peppa Pig

Crisis. The black autumn of Prime Minister Johnson


Massacre of tourists: buses set fire to 46 victims including 12 children

Near the village Bosnek, about 40 kilometers from Sofia, Bulgaria, yesterday a bus carrying tourists returning to North Macedonia after visiting Istanbul broke through a guardrail and caught fire. 46 people died in the fire, including at least 12 children who attended the same elementary school in […]

Two thousand migrants still oppose repatriation and remain stranded in Belarus

About 2,000 migrants stranded in Belarus oppose repatriation and still hope to be able to enter the European Union to reach Germany. Minsk had made it known that it had agreed a humanitarian corridor with Berlin, precisely for 2 thousand migrants, but the Germans had denied it, speaking of an unacceptable proposal. still EMERGENCY

Cesare Zavattini

I’m tired of being an artist

Unpublished texts on “Peace”. “What is the use of poetry? Boh “. A play on ethics and aesthetics. “I’m almost old, and I’m a writer. I need to know if you have the right to write verses on the eve of the war “

The international day

“I didn’t want to sing ‘Lella’ anymore just to respect women”

The singer-songwriter De Angelis reconstructs the genesis of the symbolic piece against gender violence: “It’s a made-up story, but I was afraid of being misunderstood”

In the bookstore

Arata, the “Top crime” of yesteryear set in the Savoy kingdom

The investigations of an officer between Piedmont and Liguria

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