In Orne, Verescence, the world leader in luxury perfume bottles, is expanding and hiring

In Orne, Verescence, the world leader in luxury perfume bottles, is expanding and hiring

2023-06-10 10:17:19

It is not the small town of Écouché-les-Vallées (Orne) that we think of spontaneously when we talk about the luxury market, its income and the hiring it generates. And yet… this is where one of the sites of Verescence, the world leader in luxury bottles, is located. In the heart of Normandy, in this discreet factory, 350 employees, mostly women, decorate the perfume bottles of the biggest brands in the world, starting with Dior, Chanel and Bulgari.

“The bottles arrive in white glass. And we transform them here by polishing them, lacquering them, adding screen printing or even various accessories,” explains site director Julien Lavergne.

A growing niche sector

And the least we can say is that this niche sector is doing particularly well. Even if the turnover of the Normandy site remains confidential, we know that it has increased, between 2016 and 2022 by… 50%. “And the post-covid dynamic is particularly strong. So much so that we expect growth of 5% per year in the years to come. This will enable us to hire between 10 and 20 additional people per year”, rejoices the director.

Excellent news for the region since the vast majority of hires are local. The site will notably recruit production line operators, but also technicians and engineers.

And the momentum seems solid enough for the group to invest no less than 7 million euros over the next three years, both to further increase production capacity and to promote the automation of certain tasks.

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