In Orvieto, Dante Alighieri painting with a beard appears: “A fascinating painting to share”

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Boccaccio also described it in this way, but the canvas will now have to be thoroughly evaluated – Ansa /Courier TV

In the office of the mayor of Orvieto there is a bearded Dante Alighieri. An unpublished painting that depicts the Supreme Poet in a completely different way from the official iconography. “We are faced with a mysterious picture, according to the first researches it could be dated between 1500 and 1600”, explains Daniele Di Loreto, president of the “Claudio Faina” Museum Foundation. “Dante’s iconography always reproduces him without a beard, yet Dante’s first biographer, Giovanni Boccaccio, in Dante’s” Trattatello in laude “says that the poet’s hair and beard were thick, black and frizzy”, concludes Di Loreto. “A more precise assessment will have to be made on the beard, which may have been added at a later time”, explains the mayor Roberta Tardani. “Beyond what will emerge, there remains a fascinating painting that we would like to share with the people of Orvieto and, pandemic permitting, with the tourists who reach our city every year. This is why we will put it at the center of the exhibition that we will organize after the summer. from September 14th “


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