in paternity during the logistics crisis –

from Andrea Marinelli

The transport minister accused by conservatives of taking a leave as the global and American supply chain collapsed due to the pandemic. She’s figuring out how to breastfeed, commented Tucker Carlson

The pandemic has collapsed the global supply chain, slowing down the transport of goods and raw materials around the world, but Republicans are accusing the Biden administration of wanting to sabotage American holidays and have now identified a manager to blame: Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg. The former Democratic primary candidate – as well as the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana – is allegedly guilty of taking a paternity period in the midst of the crisis, after the birth of the twins adopted with her husband Chasten on September 4. on leave since August, Tucker Carlson, megaphone of the most radical conservative ideas, hissed Thursday evening during his TV show on Fox News. Paternity leave, they call it: they try to figure out how to breastfeed. There is no need to tell you how it went.

The question – already quite divisive in the United States, which does not provide parental leave for new parents: Democrats propose one for 12 weeks – it was raised by a newsletter from Politico, who on Thursday morning had defined the usually omnipresent minister Mia, missing in action, that is missing in combat, providing a weapon to the Conservatives. The first to take up the provocation was Arkanas Senator Tom Cotton, for whom Buttigieg would not even be able to organize a funeral procession with a single car, but the homophobic comments of the host, known for his statements constantly above the stripes, sparked the stern reaction of LGBTQ rights activists: They attack him because he’s a gay father, they say. The White House also took sides on his side, which, through a tweet from spokesman Jen Psaki, defined Buttigieg as a model, a confirmation that it is important to offer paid parental leave.

The person concerned defended himself by defining the strange attack coming from that side of Congress that boasts of being in favor of the family, as he clarified in an interview with Msnbc. I think she just doesn’t understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone paternity leave, she said of Carlson. This administration is really family-friendly, I am happy to have the flexibility to take care of our children. Which, I would like to remind you, a job: beautiful, but still a job. As the Washington Post, the department never officially announced that the minister would be taking leave, but Buttigieg himself confirmed in a retweet last week that he took a break, went back to work and, as he said in an interview with Nicole Wallace of Msnbc, to have always been available 24 hours a day for matters that could not wait, starting with the logistics crisis. The minister was mostly offline in the first four weeks of leave, aside from major decisions that could not be delegated, a spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation confirmed. She is now resuming business but will continue to take time over the next few weeks to support her husband and her two children.

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