In Quito, nine points where garbage accumulates were identified

In Quito, nine points where garbage accumulates were identified

2023-05-26 07:15:00

Emaseo asks that the collection schedules be complied with to avoid the accumulation of garbage in the streets. Photo: Emaseo

The waste in the public space they are still a problem in Quito. The Metropolitan Cleaning Company (Emaseo) located nine areas where waste on the streets and sidewalks is already a constant. This generates discomfort among citizens.

This is the La Concepción sector (Los Chillos valley); Antonio Tejada, Borrero, Pontón and Rocafuerte streets (Historical Center); La Roldós (north) and Passage S (in Carcelén).

In the south, Gualaceo and Mocha streets, av. Pedro Vicente Maldonado y Cocha, El Beaterio and Camilo Orejuela street (Camal Metropolitano).

There they settled security cameras to keep the areas under control and apply preventive strategies with residents who leave garbage.

cameras and loudspeakers

According to Emaseo, the devices are able to recognize citizens who fail to comply with the established regulations.

In the same way, with the cameras, a loudspeaker system was installed to issue the respective alert to the citizen who contributes to the disorder at that point.

The Emaseo Operational Services and Control Management Unit will be in charge of this continuous monitoring task.

Complaints in other sectors

Despite the fact that the Municipality has already identified these critical points, citizens also report similar problems in other areas of the city.

In the Loma Hermosa citadel, in the north of Quito, the residents say that in two places where the garbage containers are installed, disorder and uncleanliness prevail.

There, says one of the neighbors, people pass by who collect recyclable waste and leave the other waste scattered on the streets, sidewalks and parks. “Even the garbage cans are damaged and the smell is unbearable,” she says.

Points that were eradicated

The identification of critical points and installation of cameras for their respective control is not a recent task.

Between October 2022 and last March, Emaseo has already eradicated 12 garbage accumulation hotspots through these same techniques.

To avoid the accumulation of garbage in these and other areas, the Municipality has repeatedly insisted that garbage collection schedules be respected. They also ask that the waste be placed inside containers or with well-sealed plastic covers, in places that do not have these structures.

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