“In real time it was horrific”

“In real time it was horrific”

A little less than 30 years ago, long before Noah Kirel and Jonathan Margie were in the planning, the most famous pair of singers and exes in the gossip sections were Hami Rodner and Iggy Waxman. The two who married in 1995, were a real power couple, both romantically and musically. They released the hit duet “Just for a Hug” together, and worked together on several of Iggy’s albums, but after four years of marriage, their relationship hit a crisis and they divorced in a very public and highly publicized divorce.

After their breakup, Rodner released the song “Let’s Break Up” written about Waxman, and it became one of the huge hits of that time and even a kind of anthem for the brokenhearted. Their relationship may be a thing of the past, especially when they both remarried and started families, but luckily for us, music always remains, and Iggy, who came to guest as a panelist on the program “Talking About It”, was asked by one of the viewers at home about her feelings when she heard the song for the first time.

How does it feel when a song is written about you that reveals the most personal details in a marital system?
“The song is terribly old, it’s from 30 years ago. It’s the funniest on Saturday when we turn on the radio, and Lily and Uri sing “Let’s break up”. If I knew that I would see my children singing it, and my father-in-law and I would be good friends and everything would be so lovely, then it would be It’s worth it. In real time it was horrifying, when they write such a difficult song about you, especially when the original lyrics of the song were instead of my sweetie – my snake you screwed up big time, or something like that.”

Did you ask him to read the words?
“No. The record company I think.”

You told him I don’t want, don’t take it out?
“I couldn’t say we were in a condition (contract), I had no idea about it.”

They say there is no negative publicity. helped?
“Yes. It wasn’t an insulting song either, it was a painful song. Because hearing how I screwed up is never pleasant.”


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