In response to the rocket fire: the IDF attacked Hamas positions in Gaza

Archive (Photo: Abd Rahim Khatib/Flash 90)

The IDF spokesman said that the Air Force attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip tonight (Sunday), in response to the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Israel yesterday. During the attack, it was reported that Israeli planes were fired upon.

According to the IDF’s announcement, the forces attacked a central workshop for the production of Hamas rockets in the Gaza Strip, and a terrorist tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip was also attacked. The workshop was used as a central site for the production of most of the organization’s rockets in the Gaza Strip. In addition, another military position was attacked as a response to the shooting at the Israeli planes.

The IDF stated that “the attack tonight continues the trend of harming Hamas’ ability to strengthen in the Gaza Strip.”

(Photo: IDF spokesman)

As mentioned, last night around 20:45 a red alarm was sounded in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. According to the first reports, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel, and fell in an open area in the north of the Strip. The IDF later confirmed that “one launch from the Gaza Strip into Israel was detected. No interceptors were launched.” No casualties or damage were reported.

This is the first time that an alarm has been sounded in the settlements around Gaza in the last month. The previous time that shooting from the Gaza Strip was reported was on November 3, when alarms were sounded in the settlements of Kissuf, Nirim and Ein Hasholsha. About an hour later, three failed launches from the Gaza Strip were detected, which fell in the Gaza Strip.

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