Communist Yevgeny Krashennikov, a member of precinct election commission No. 1810 of Rostov-on-Don, was urgently hospitalized in the toxicology department of the city emergency hospital, he became ill at the polling station, the second secretary of the Rostov regional committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, deputy candidate Yevgeny Bessonov told Kommersant. The admission department of the MBUZ “City Ambulance Hospital of the city of Rostov-on-Don” confirmed that Yevgeny Krashennikov was taken to the toxicology department today, the patient’s diagnosis has not been made public.

According to Evgeny Bessonov, a voting member of the precinct election commission No. 1810 of Rostov-on-Don, Evgeny Krashennikov, came to the precinct this morning, drank coffee, after which he felt bad, and he called an ambulance. PEC 1810 confirmed that an ambulance arrived today on a call to Evgeny Krashennikov, the commission does not know the reason, since the man left the premises when the doctors arrived.

The election commission of the Rostov region explained that the regional election commission did not receive official requests on these issues.

The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation Nikolai Kolomeytsev (the Communist Party faction) sent a deputy inquiry to the prosecutor of the Rostov region, Roman Praskov, on the fact of the incident. Communist Party activists do not exclude that Mr. Krashennikov was poisoned.

Anna Perova, Krasnodar


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