In Russia, 33,548 cases of coronavirus were detected per day

by time news

Over the past day in the country, the coronavirus was confirmed in 33,548 residents, 6.3% of the patients had no clinical manifestations, the headquarters said. 1224 patients died within 24 hours, 30 646 people recovered.

A day earlier, 33 946 cases of infection were recorded, 1239 people died from coronavirus infection.

The largest number of new cases of COVID-19 was detected in Moscow (+3086), St. Petersburg (+2072), Moscow (+2046), Samara (+974) and Voronezh (+754) regions.

In Moscow, another 3,086 people fell ill with coronavirus, 807 residents were hospitalized per day, 95 patients died. There are 617 people on the ventilator. 4,138 more Muscovites recovered after treatment.

In total, 9,570,373 cases of coronavirus were detected in the country in 85 regions. For all pandemics, 272,755 patients died, 8,268,111 people recovered.


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