In Russia, a third of the mandatory checks during the technical inspection of a car have been canceled

In Russia, simplified vehicle inspection rules came into force on September 1, the number of mandatory checks was reduced from 82 to 55 points, the corresponding resolution was approved back in March.

In particular, they will no longer check the presence of a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign in a car (while their presence is still required by the PPD), the degree of damage and corrosion of the brake pipes, as well as the noise level of the exhaust system and the ability of the windshield washer to supply liquid to the windshield . The check of the operation of the standard anti-theft device and the presence of drops of oils and working fluids from the engine, gearbox, final drives, etc. are also canceled. “exhaust systems” (exhaust manifold, muffler, converter, etc.).

The new rules apply to cars, buses and trucks.

At the end of last year, a law was passed in Russia that abolished the mandatory technical inspection of cars and motor vehicles owned by individuals. It applies to cars and motorcycles used for personal purposes – their owners will no longer need to receive a diagnostic card in order to issue an OSAGO policy and go on the road. However, they have the right to apply for a technical inspection at will. Such drivers will not be checked for a diagnostic card.

Inspection remained mandatory for commercial vehicles – taxis, buses and trucks. It is also still required for owners of cars or motorcycles over four years old if they need to register a vehicle or change its design, as well as change ownership. As State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said at the time, this measure would “make life easier” for the owners of approximately 50 million vehicles.

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