In Russia, from September 1, a third of mandatory checks during vehicle inspection will be canceled

The government has simplified the rules for technical inspection of vehicles, reducing the number of mandatory checks from 82 to 55 points. The ordinance applies to cars, buses and trucks and comes into force on September 1, 2022.

In particular, the verification requirements are excluded:

The regulation also introduces new verification parameters. So, from September 1, when diagnosing an engine, “air leaks” will be checked (as Kommersant notes, it’s probably about checking the tightness of the intake manifold) or exhaust gas leakage bypassing the “exhaust system” (exhaust manifold, muffler, converter, etc. .).

At the end of last year, a law was passed in Russia that abolished the mandatory technical inspection of cars and motor vehicles owned by individuals. It applies to cars and motorcycles used for personal purposes – their owners no longer need to receive a diagnostic card in order to issue an OSAGO policy and go on the road. However, they have the right to apply for a technical inspection at will.

Inspection remained mandatory for commercial vehicles – taxis, buses and trucks. It is also still required for owners of cars or motorcycles over four years old if they need to register a vehicle or change its design, as well as change ownership.


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