In Russia they are investigating: Why did the man commit suicide in the toilet of the plane?

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A man who boarded a plane from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt to the city of Samara in southwestern Russia, apparently committed suicide in the toilet cubicle of the plane, according to reports in several media outlets around the world.

The flight crew asked a doctor present on the flight to approach the back of the plane, where they broke down the toilet door. The doctor and crew discovered the passenger unconscious in the toilet cubicle, shortly after takeoff on a Siberian airline S7 Airlines plane.

The captain made an emergency landing in Cairo, where paramedics tried to revive the passenger, but were noble to determine his death. Russian media reported that the man’s body was returned to the same plane.

The man who committed suicide is Alexander Dukshin, 48, who had a wife and a young daughter. Dukshin worked as a car mechanic and was estimated to have connections in the security services. It is estimated that the man hung himself with a strap of a bag. Russian transport investigators have told the government news agency “TASS” that they are investigating the circumstances of the case.

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