In solidarity we will kneel before England-Germany

A very classic of international football will be staged at Wembley on Tuesday evening, England-Germany, valid as the eighth final of Euro 2020. But for once, on the eve he focused his attention beyond the pitch, without caring about the choices of the two coaches, who can be decisive, who will play or not. The attention turned to one of the hottest topics that are characterizing this European: to kneel or not before the games as an adhesion to the anti-racist movement “Live Black Matter”. An issue that also involved the Azzurri very closely, not without controversy, and which now has the German national team at the center of the matter.

We will kneel“anticipated the captain New for some time in the field with the rainbow captain’s armband to support his position close to the LGTB movements and against all forms of intolerance and racism.

We believe it is very good for the England national team and for teams that do so in the Premier League as well, to kneel before matches in protest. We as Germans did not experience it this way in the Bundesliga or for our international matches. We are talking about it as a team, we have a duty to be role models

Gareth Southgate’s England team she always knelt down before the 2021 matches and did so also at Euro 2020, to help raise public awareness on the fight against racism and discrimination. He will also do so against Germany, which will follow the British example as a sign of solidarity and respect.

An issue that has sparked controversy and discussions. Not for New who has clear ideas on the subject: “We must have respect for all decisions and remember that we should all be united in the fight to fight discrimination. Together. We are role models for many children and young people and I think we are currently giving a positive image.”


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