In Tanjore district, petrol was cheaper by Rs 8.22 and diesel by Rs 6.71

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In Tanjore district, petrol was cheaper by Rs 8.22 and diesel by Rs 6.71


Petrol in Tanjore district has been reduced by Rs 8.22 and diesel by Rs 6.71 following the central government’s reduction in excise duty. Thus the motorists were somewhat relieved.

Rising petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices have been rising sharply across India for the past few weeks. Similarly, the price of cooking gas continued to rise. The people suffered greatly because of this price increase.

Due to this increase in prices, even those who travel in vehicles have to travel by bus. Rents for essential goods and vehicles also began to rise due to these price hikes. Prices of essential commodities, including vegetables, also rose.

Urging to reduce prices

Various political parties and organizations have been involved in the struggle, condemning the rise in petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices. In this situation, they insisted that the price of petrol and diesel should be brought under the GST.

In this situation, the central government yesterday reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel. Following this, petrol and diesel prices were reduced in Tanjore as well. In many states, including Tamil Nadu, a liter of petrol sells for more than Rs 110. Similarly, diesel prices were above Rs 100 per liter.

Petrol is priced at Rs 8.22 and diesel at Rs 6.71

In Tanjore district, petrol was selling at Rs 111.48 a liter and diesel at Rs 101.60 a liter till yesterday. In this situation, the excise duty on petrol and diesel was reduced by Rs 8.22 per liter and Rs 6.71 per liter in Tanjore district yesterday. Yesterday, a liter of petrol was priced at Rs 103.26 and a liter of diesel at Rs 94.89.

Motorists were somewhat relieved when the price cut went into effect yesterday.

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