in the aristocratic Palermo the war of the Florio- broke out

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The entrepreneur Chico Paladino: «I am Don Vincenzo’s nephew». But the other branch does not fit: “And do you say it now?”. Lawyers in the field, there is talk of exhumation with DNA verification

There is the risk of having to write the last chapter of the history of the Florio family, the chapter missing from the lucky books of Stefania Auci, peering through the keyhole. But it is the fault of a “war of the Florio” unleashed even around an (alleged) incest. With the effect that the lawyers of two branches of the family in single combat are already asking for the DNA test and hypothesizing the exhumation of the body of “Don” Vincenzo Florio who died in 1959. Father of the famous Targa Florio. And (perhaps) the father of a “grandson” adopted at birth, Cecè Paladino, the pioneer of underwater research born in 1933, died at 77, officially born son of Giuseppe Paladino. A tangle that now sees two opposing sides: the son of Cecè Paladino, an entrepreneur, Chico, who declares himself “descendant, direct grandson, therefore not only heir”. And, on the other hand, the journalist Cesare Gasparri Zezza, son of Costanza Afan de Rivera, in turn daughter of Giulia Florio born of Ignazio and Donna Franca.

Not a simple story

It is not a simple story. Dribbled both by historians of Sicilian families and by writers who have always been committed to telling every detail of the Florio family. From Salvatore Requirez to the overwhelming Auci, at the top of the charts with his «Lions». The novel of a decayed dynasty, but evoked as an epic of great splendor, culminates in a violent clash between heirs. It’s not just the name involved. But the brand, Chico’s idea of ​​establishing «Casa Florio» and reactivating the «Targa» with a first edition of a new «Coppa Floriopoli». An activism that has disturbed Cesare, the journalist, and his mother’s octogenarian brother, uncle Nicola. Both doubted with the lawyer Gianluca Giacalone on the shadow perhaps stretched by Chico on some coveted properties, starting with the monumental complex that houses the Institute of the blind, a building destined in the last century to charitable activities, but which could return to the possession of the heirs .

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“The heir”

Indeed, it is on this last word that the game of Chico is played, a fifty-year-old who returned after the death of his parents from long wanderings between continents around the world with a Brazilian wife, Ana Paula Mancino. And she has a role in this complicated story. Because, while the lawyers were exchanging arrows, already in September of last year, on the 87th anniversary of the death of the father-in-law he did not know, he indicated him on social media as “Vincenzo Florio’s favorite heir”. And this year, for his 88th birthday, he added “Vincenzo Florio’s natural son and universal heir”.

Natural child

Natural child? Had by “Don” Vincenzo with whom? A question of collective prudery for a certain bourgeoisie and frayed pieces of not only local aristocracy. Because Ignazio Florio’s cousin died officially without having children or from his first wife, Annina Alliata di Montereale, who died very young, or from the second, the French Lucie Henry, who had already had a daughter, Renè Henry, who married Giuseppe Paladino. Here they are, “on paper”, Chico’s parents, through gritted teeth forced to reveal an almost secular secret: “In fact, my father is the son of Don Vincenzo, natural son, the result of a passion that exploded for his stepdaughter.”

“An invention”

“And do you say that now?” Thunders Cesare the journalist, certain that it is an invention to get his hands not only on the surname “which he illegally took possession of.” Already, the Paladinos call themselves “Paladino Florio” by virtue of a ministerial decree obtained via the prefecture. Act contested by the lawyer Giacalone: ​​«The other branch of the family was not informed. We would have objected. And we protest, opposing because they are only heirs and not descendants ».

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The link

Chico does not contest the ownership of the Tonnara, at Arenella, a stone’s throw from Villa Igiea, the home of the Quattro Pizzi where relics and thousands of documents of Vincenzo Florio are kept. The blood tie is contested, however, reiterated by Chico himself: «I never wanted to talk about it and maybe my wife shouldn’t have written it. But all the Florio family have always known everything. My aunt Costanza reiterated this in some interviews before she died talking about Cecè who grew up in the home of Vincenzo Florio: Read: she raised him in his image and likeness. But if that’s not enough, let’s open the tomb and check the DNA. ” Laughable proof for his direct opponent, Cesare Gasparri Zezza, who opposes: «Let’s start with the DNA of the living. We are ready for the exams ». With an expected outcome in a Palermo where many hope that the tomb of Santa Maria del Gesù should not really be uncovered, however, abandoned by everyone, even by those who fight for their surname and substantial residuals of patrimony.

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