“In the Cesarini area to introduce it”

“We are now in the last minutes or rather in the Cesarini area to introduce the” anti Covid “vaccination obligation, we run enormous risks if we arrive with 15% of the Italian population not vaccinated, we are talking about 50-60 year olds who risk ending up in hospital between a few months”. He points this out to time.news Salute Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, returning to the topic of the possible extension of the vaccination obligation.

“I don’t know what the Government is doing – continues Bassetti -, I am a doctor and the serious ones, or those who have seen the infection closely, strongly ask for the vaccination obligation. Not listening to us would be serious and would put the Government almost in antithesis to the world of science and it would be difficult to manage. All the experts say to intervene to prevent the winter from arriving with too many unvaccinated people “.

What could happen with a slice of the population still not vaccinated in the winter? “It is already too late – replies Bassetti – we cannot think of putting the vaccination obligation with full Covid intensive care units. We risk having a part of the population that will fill the hospitals in October, November or December. This means that the structures that today they treat no-Covid patients will have to be reconverted by lengthening the waiting lists and postponing hospitalizations and interventions. We cannot afford all this – he remarks – those who decide not to get vaccinated are as if they were going through a red light. They realize the risks what are they creating? “.

“Those who have certain attitudes towards the anti-Covid vaccine cannot say that there is a science that I like which is that of drugs and then there is that of vaccines. The science is always the same, we must always believe in it and not only when it suits us. Even politics is wrong with a wavering attitude towards the vaccine which can be dangerous “, concludes Bassetti.


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