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MOPH discusses first meeting to deal with ‘small pox’

add screening

Strict control of people from 17 countries at risk

Order Sor.Kor.Sor.-Clinical Skin-Venereal Diseases

Watch out for pathogens entering the area.

Accelerate the procurement of vaccines to prevent

Injecting medical group – under the age of 45 the first lot

WHO says smallpox can be controlled not mutate The risk of epidemic is low. It has spread in 16 countries. At least 100 infected people have been found. Waiting to see the foreign situation before knocking on the vaccination plan – vaccination in people born after 1980 and ready to inject the first group of medical staff Emphasizes that SAO across the country will keep an eye on every clinic Increase strict checkpoints at all airports, especially those who come from 17 countries. Risky, but still nothing to panic in Thailand. Department of Science to prepare diagnostic labs and certify the quality of vaccines Prepare to procure the smallpox vaccine

The progress of the smallpox situation The outbreak in many countries on May 24, foreign news agencies reported. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that monkey pox is a controllable disease. So far, monkeypox cases have been detected in 16 countries outside Africa, including Europe, the Americas and Australia. More than 100 people have been infected with the virus. But experts argue that Overall exposure to a broad population considered to be at a very low level

Ministry of Public Health discusses first meeting to prepare for monkeypox

As for the Ministry of Public Health (MOU) of Thailand, closely monitored monkey pox as well. by Dr. Chakrarat Pittayawong Anon Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control revealed the outbreak of smallpox monkey pox. (Monkeypox) that Department of Disease Control establishes a Public Health Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for smallpox cases to monitor and screen travelers from countries with outbreaks The case has now been confirmed in 17 countries, two in Africa and 15 outside the continent, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Israel and Australia. On the same afternoon, there will be the first meeting of the academic committee on smallpox. Discuss the definition of dangerous communicable diseases In principle, there will be 3 criteria like covid.

1.Clinical information Determine the suspected illness 2. Laboratory data will determine the subject of examination. and 3. epidemiological data Determination of exposure and risk profiles will be broadly set to accommodate future outbreaks. Smallpox has not yet been declared a dangerous contagious disease. As there has never been declared a disease in Thailand, so we have a level of severity that we have prepared. although there is no infection in Thailand But we have to prepare to be presented to the Minister of Public Health for acknowledgment

Aiming to instill an abscess born after 23 years – the first group of doctors

The reporter asked Will consider transplanting smallpox again So what are the criteria? Dr. Chakrarat said Not yet considered must assess the situation first Now there are hundreds of infections around the world. Implantation of abscesses cannot be performed immediately. Because both vaccines and target groups must be prepared. in which Thai people aged 45 years and over have been inoculated The principle is to have immunity. will be less risky For those born after 1980 not getting an vaccination may be taken as main target group But the first target group must be medical personnel who need to take care of patients directly. However, there are quite a lot of side effects after the injection. Therefore, not everyone can inject it. Must assess which vaccines are available for Thai people as well.

Plan to buy smallpox vaccine to prevent

The academic committee will present the type of vaccine used for smallpox and post-injection side effects information again. The Department of Disease Control is looking for any company that sells the smallpox vaccine or Smallpox and is planning to buy it. But you have to keep track of how much you can get. How many injections do we need? Because the past has been wiped out all over the world, so must assess the situation that will come together as well.

Repeatedly avoid close contact to reduce the risk of infection

The reporter asked about the group at risk of infection. Dr. Chakrarat said will be a close contact with the infected person Therefore, it is necessary to look at the epidemic data for more, which groups are there, so look at the groups traveling to countries with the infection. Now I can’t assess how it is. Even though there are still hundreds of infected people But we are not careless. Initially, the country where the infection was found may be an infection from attending the festival. including having sex So it’s possible with everyone. Therefore, if you suspect that someone is at risk, you should avoid getting close. The Europeans have put in place quite good measures. For example, Belgium has been quarantined for 21 days, possibly preventing the outbreak from crossing the continent. If not really close As far as I can see, the age is not over 60 years old, foreign countries stop vaccination faster than Thailand. As for Thailand, we need to discuss how to quarantine. The principle is to quarantine for the longest incubation days. The incubation period for monkey pox is 5-21 days, but in most cases it is about 2 weeks. Consult a specialist on how to quarantine.

Inform every province. Intense 3 PTT. Risk – have a rash. Send for examination.

Dr. Chakrarat also said that The three main countries with the outbreak are England, Spain and Portugal, while 17 of them are countries with reported cases. Initially, if coming from a high-risk country have a history of close contact to reach the definition And if a traveler is found at risk, such as having a rash, they will request a test within 24 hours and take 24-48 hours to know the results. If it’s negative, it can be released. However, there are currently no reports of transmission of the infection among travelers. but notified all provinces to increase surveillance especially those who come to dermatology clinics. However, tourism provinces may need to educate doctors and people more.

Originated from party-sex

Dr. Chakrarat said that Currently, the World Health Organization has not announced an upgrade. There was only a meeting to monitor the situation in Europe. must follow closely Expect a meeting soon and consider the situation. In the past few days, the numbers haven’t increased much. still have to follow up The results of the investigation in Europe came out. but not all have a history consistent with party activities and sex by the spread of the infection It is the stage where the blisters have already appeared and there is a fever. This is an advantage that prevents the outbreak from going quickly.

Set up an emergency team to keep an eye on 17 local authorities at risk of entering Thailand.

Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health Mention the epidemic of smallpox that ask the public to monitor the situation Information from the Ministry of Health, do not panic. The ministry is now Smallpox Emergency Workers Committee Chaired by the Director of the Division of Epidemiology and the deputy director-general as a consultant and has 3 more duties: screening, monitoring and planning units This committee tries to monitor the situation both at home and abroad. Especially when entering from 17 risky countries, usually each airport has a disease control department as a screening point for disease control checkpoints. and intensifying disease control operations in the provinces that are being monitored At the same time, you need to understand the dermatology clinic and the venereal disease clinic.

Warn the police station all over the country to watch out for all clinics. “Confirming the situation in the country is still nothing shocking. There will be a meeting to alert provincial public health all over the country. to follow up on the various clinics that have chickenpox By definition, has it come or not? The definition is not yet adjusted. but to follow closely Therefore, I want people to follow the information without panic. and follow up on information that the Department of Disease Control explains, both domestically and internationally as information for further monitoring,” Mr Satit said.

Vaccination before 1980 prevents 85%.

and that the public vaccination information related to smallpox It’s actually not a vaccine. But it was a vaccination during the 1980’s that people born after 1980 did not have this type of vaccination. Vaccination prevents 85 percent of severe symptoms, but does not prevent infection. However, people are urged to watch out for symptoms, including fever, muscle aches and abscesses within a week, admitting that such symptoms are difficult to distinguish. from other diseases, therefore, need to be vigilant and follow up with information from the Ministry of Health Is it necessary to revive the vaccination method? must follow up on the epidemic plans of each country And there are many domestic companies that produce vaccines, but have to see if it is worthwhile to invest in vaccinations in people born in 1980 or not with the statistics of the epidemic coming in. which the outbreak of smallpox monkeys not as easy as covid even close But it must be really close contact to be infected.

Department of Science prepares diagnostic labs

Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences The Ministry of Public Health said that cases of monkey pox infections were reported in European and American countries. Department of Medical Sciences as a laboratory of the Ministry of Health has prepared for disease diagnosis to monitor communicable diseases in people and analyze the quality of the smallpox or smallpox vaccine. To certify the quality of vaccines that will be used to prevent disease for the preparation of laboratory diagnostics in people Institute of Public Health Sciences Disease testing agency for surveillance of communicable diseases in people. Prepare for genetic material detection by Real-time PCR technique with duration of 24 – 48 hours and nucleotide sequencing by DNA sequencing technique, duration 4 – 7 days. pre-sale production Institute of Biomaterial Department of Medical Sciences ready to analyze the quality of the smallpox or smallpox vaccine both for safety Chemistry – physics and strength to confirm that imported vaccines are of quality safe and effective Therefore ensuring that if the vaccine is imported urgently, it can be done immediately.

The smallpox vaccine protects against 85% of monkeypox.

Dr. Supakit also said that The smallpox vaccine prevents up to 85% of monkeypox from humans, but the human smallpox has been eradicated since 1980, so this type of vaccination is not available. But vaccines are still being produced to protect against biological weapons. and preventing monkey pox There are two live attenuated vaccines in the United States: Imvamune (Imvanex or Jynneos) from Bavarian Nordic and Acambis ACAM2000 vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Drugs from the United States or FDA

for monkey pox caused by the same virus group as the smallpox pathogen have similar symptoms rodent a source of disease contact from animals to humans through direct contact with the blood, lymph, or rashes of an infected animal and contact from person to person through direct contact with secretions from coughing, sneezing, rashes or contaminated objects Most of the symptoms in people infected with this virus are mild. Sometimes the symptoms are similar to chickenpox and go away on their own within a few weeks. There is currently no specific treatment.

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