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“Objective facts and a critical ward situation emerge”. In clear words, which carry the weight of a sentence, yesterday morning the Trentino health company closed the internal investigation launched to clarify on the “punitive system” that prevailed in the gynecology unit of the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento. The 110 testimonies and the “substantial documentation” collected led to a conclusion; the head physician Saverio Tateo and another medical director, from Monday 12 July, will no longer operate in the ward. They were transferred to another assignment, “in order to protect the serenity of the patients, of the operators involved and to safeguard the proper functioning of the department”, explains the company.

After the death of the Forlì gynecologist Sara Pedri, on 4 March, an earthquake struck the Trentino healthcare system. Since the young woman moved to the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento in November, something had changed in her. She was no longer the smiling girl that everyone knew in Catanzaro, where she had completed her 5-year specialization. Why Sara had confided to her sister Emanuela and her boyfriend, to whom she had spoken of a “climate of terror” in the workplace, amidst threats and humiliations. The Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office and the ASL internal investigation have opened an investigation into the matter, with a commission chaired by the medical director Antonio Ferro, yesterday brought the first findings.

«Objective facts emerge from the documentation and a critical ward situation that makes it necessary, from 12 July, to transfer the director of the obstetrics and gynecology unit to another unit and another medical director to another hospital of the health company “, reads a statement released yesterday morning. The final word on the future of healthcare will be up to the disciplinary proceedings office. “He will have to evaluate the measures to be taken and find replacements for the displaced managers,” explains Ferro. In the meantime, the unity of the Santa Chiara has been entrusted to the director of the similar structure in Rovereto, Fabrizio Taddei. A busy Saturday for the health company, which found itself dealing with the resignation letter from the general manager Pierpaolo Benetollo, replaced by the current health director Antonio Ferro.

It had been a resolution signed by Benetollo to decide the renewal of Tateo as head of gynecology until 2025, despite the fact that the Pedri case had already become of national interest. The outcome of the internal investigation now changes the cards. After 11 years at the Trento hospital, Tateo will be transferred to another unit. He is the superior to whom Sara Pedri, in the resignation email, would have addressed using the nickname “Enlightened Sovereign”. An expression that suggests the gynecologist’s awe and the hostility perceived in the ward. He had also written about it in the sketched letter before leaving. Therefore, the position always supported by the relatives of the missing gynecologist who, through the lawyer Nicodemo Gentile, had collected “A plurality of statements, coming from subjects who worked in the structure, and describing the environment in which Sara worked as a real powder keg”.

“It’s an important first step, a cauldron that had to be uncovered”, comments the lawyer. Among the various episodes, the lawyer mentions when “Sara was removed from the operating room and received a slap on the hands”. The family is closed in pain. He awaits further developments on the front of the research of the body, which continues in the lake of Santa Giustina, in Val di Non, where it is feared that the girl may have thrown herself. «There remains bitterness in reading the objective facts found. We needed interventions in due time “, concludes the lawyer.

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