in the hell of the Cosem health centers, placed in receivership

in the hell of the Cosem health centers, placed in receivership

2023-06-04 17:35:36

One of the fifteen Cosem centers, located in Lyon, in the 7th arrondissement. Screenshot Cosem

TESTIMONIALS – The employees say they have been subjected to violence from their director for years. Today they denounce breach of trust, moral harassment, illegal taking of interest and Social Security fraud.

«We did everything to fight against the director, he tried to get rid of the people who bothered him, he sowed terror“says Muriel Saint-Omer, CGT private health union representative and member of the CSE of Cosem. For 25 years, she has worked within the Coordination of social and medical works (Cosem), which is none other than a non-profit health association. Created in 1945, it aims to “promote access to care for alland claims two million medical and dental consultations in fifteen centers across France.

If the formula worked until now, the picture is darkening day by day…

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