In the middle of the crisis – 200 million euros more salary for EU officials – politics abroad

An early Christmas present for the 40,000 or so EU officials!

Your salaries will increase retrospectively by July 1st by 1.9%. This emerges from a report by the EU Commission (available from BILD).

Additional costs of the salary increase for the EU taxpayers: more than 200 million euros per year! ⇥

► The lowest basic salary of an EU civil servant increases by 57 to 3057 euros. The highest basic salary increases by almost 400 euros to 21 163 euros per month. Together with allowances, it is even around 500 euros more.

► The basic salary of an EU commissioner rises to 23 809 euros (+ 444 euros), that of EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) by as much as 545 euros to 29 205 euros (together with allowances around 34,000 euros) .

► MEPs’ diets increase by 171 euros to 9166 euros.

And that, although politicians in Germany have to tighten their belts this year: The diets for members of the Bundestag decreased for the first time on July 1st due to the Corona crisis, by 0.7 percent to 10 012.89 euros (minus 70, 58 euros).

“Shameless self-service”

Michael Jäger, General Secretary of the European Taxpayers Association (59), spoke to BILD of “shameless self-service by the public sector” and an “absolutely wrong signal”: “Especially at this time when the political leadership is demanding savings and understanding from the citizens, the European Union urgently needs to lead by example. That shows how far Europe has removed itself from the people. ”



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