In the middle of the wedding: Police officers arrested the groom and left the bride alone at the incident

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A recent wedding in Ecuador ended in a hallucinatory and unexpected way even before it started, after police vehicles arrived on the scene and arrested the groom. The bizarre incident occurred in the southern city of El Guabo, and according to the testimonies of some of the guests, the young man was rushed to custody even before the exciting ceremony began. View the arrest record:

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Guests and passers-by documented the moment that has since gone viral on social media and of course made waves and made headlines in the local media and in general. In the video you can see some officers leading the groom to a mobile and driving from the scene to the station, while the stunned bride shouts angrily and chases after them in front of the hundreds of guests who arrived at the scene and were left stunned and confused.

Sources involved in the affair told local reporters that the groom was arrested by authorities after failing to pay alimony to his former partner, with whom he gave birth to several children, and according to reports the investigators asked him why he stopped paying her, but it did not respond to questions.

Videos of the incident posted on social media drew dozens of reactions, most of them surfers who took pity on the poor bride. “Do not understand this evil of heart,” wrote one surfer. “Couldn’t they at least wait until after the ceremony? They had to do it at that moment?”. On the other hand, others argued that the groom could only blame himself.

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“I want to make sure I got it right. You want to tell me that this idler has no money to pay alimony to his ex, but is he able to afford to get married? Sounds a bit suspicious, don’t you think?”, Wrote one surfer, and probably quite rightly so.


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