In the region, only Szeged attracts more tourists than Mórahalom

In the region, only Szeged attracts more tourists than Mórahalom

2023-09-22 17:30:26

The summer season of the Patkó Lovas and Outdoor Theater in Mórahalm and the town’s tourist season were evaluated at a press conference on Friday. Mayor Zoltán Nógrádi emphasized in the beginning: their spa is the tenth most visited in the country, and in terms of guest nights in the region, only Szeged is ahead of the small town.

– Moreover, these are not even the final numbers, as we are also preparing for the postseason

he added.

Photo: János Török

A guest satisfaction survey was also conducted in Mórahalm this summer, according to the results of which, on a scale of 5, the tourist products were rated 4.7, and the spa was rated 4.9.

We try to ensure that the level of our services does not decrease. If only because a satisfied guest is the best messenger. We are also doing well in this respect: 85 percent of our visitors are repeat visitors, and 23 percent of them are foreigners.

he emphasized. By the way, the survey also revealed that people come to Mórahalom mainly from the southern Transdanubian region, Pest County and the capital.

The Szent Erzsébet Mórahalmi Spa did well during the beach season: they closed the summer with 25 percent more sales than last year.

– This created the cover to finance the increased costs, so we can present a financial balance with a positive balance

– the mayor spoke about the successes. However, life in the facility does not stop there either, after 2 years, the large pool will be covered again and the range of wellness services will be expanded.

We performed a never-before-seen repertoire in the open-air theater as well. Perhaps this is also the reason why we managed to meet the goal of welcoming 25,000 guests

Zoltán Nógrádi switched to culture. He noted that Balkan culture is playing an increasingly prominent role in Mórahalm, and in addition, their goal is to create equal opportunities: fulfilling the role of a folk theater, thanks to which even those who cannot travel to the capital or even to Szeged can have a theatrical experience.

At the end of the press conference, the 20,000th registrant of the city card was greeted. Tamás Nagy from Budapest spent 3 days in Mórahalm with his family during the summer, when he applied for the discount card. Zoltán Nógrádi presented him with a holiday voucher for two people, two nights, providing full board in Mórahalm.

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