In the telenovela “Pantanal”, another Brazil and blind spots

Born in 1921, the “Leaf of São Paulo” underwent a makeover in the early 1980s with the key words: objectivity, modernity, openness. The daily has become the most influential in the country, attracting the interest, among others, of a young elite who are fighting for the consolidation of democracy.

In the early 1980s, the Sheet decided to adopt a modern management that should give priority to the professionalism and internal training of its employees following a reflection by young journalists who have reached key positions in the newspaper. This established in the drafting a great deal of freedom of action and sharing of responsibilities. With seven daily notebooks plus the fifteen weekly notebooks, the newspaper brings much more than the essential news. Its excellent photographic illustration is also an asset. In 1989, the Sheet became the first Brazilian newspaper to have an ombudsman who, on Sundays, publishes an analysis that is sometimes very critical.

To access the Internet version of Sheet, you have to pay. Subscribers can find all of the daily’s content, with very easy consultation of the archives, especially when searching from a specific date. One can, however, also go to the portal of Sheet ( and read several reports that can be found on the paper version.


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