In the video, a Saudi medical team reveals a new formula for treating diabetics, and the technique used

Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Ekhbariya channel published a report about a Saudi research team finding a therapeutic formula that contributes to the treatment of diabetes patients.

The broadcaster of the channel said that a research team from the College of Clinical Pharmacy at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa has reached a new therapeutic formula that contributes to lowering the level of sugar in the blood using nanotechnology, in order to increase the therapeutic efficacy.

He continued, the team combined the drug “pioglitazone” used for patients with type 2 diabetes with black seed oil to enhance the action of pioglitazone as a lowering blood sugar.

He added, the treatment plan includes continuous monitoring and lifestyle modification.

For her part, Dr. Mervat Al-Mustafa said: “The research team has developed a treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes.”

She added, “We have increased the efficiency of nanotechnology treatment using natural materials found in the Kingdom’s environment.”


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