In the video .. Does trotter soup help in the formation of collagen in the feet? .. Orthopedic consultant resolves the controversy

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Consultant orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mansour Al-Salami, revealed the truth about what was reported about helping trotters soup, sesame, tahini, and others, to form collagen in the feet.

Al-Salami said during his arrival as a guest on the “Sayida” program, that there is no proof that trotter soup, sesame and tahini help to form collagen in the feet, but some patients are looking for half-alternative solutions.

He added that the use of “needles” to treat roughness is for a temporary period for simple and pre-moderate cases, because it gives a long period of pain relief.

He added that the “needles” do not cure or stop the roughness, but rather prevent symptoms and help lead a normal life, adding that if the roughness reaches an advanced stage, it will need an operation.

Al-Salami concluded his speech, that physiotherapy is an auxiliary method, whether before or after the operation in the early stage of friction, in order to relieve pain and strengthen muscles.


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