“In the year of the Lord”: historical inconsistencies and the other 8 secrets of the film

In Rome in 1825 two Carbonari – Leonida Montanari (Robert Hossein) and Angelo Targhini (Renaud Verley) – stabbed their companion Filippo Spada (Franco Abbina) and after a summary trial they were sentenced to death. Meanwhile, on Pasquino’s “talking” statue, ironic and critical writings against the government are continually posted. This is the plot of «In the year of the Lord», a film by Luigi Magni directed in 1969 with Nino Manfredi in the role of the cobbler Cornacchia who turns out to be the author of the invectives (Pasquino). Not many people know that this film is part of a trilogy, the so-called “papal trilogy”: later in fact Magni will also make “In the name of the Pope King” (1977) and “In the name of the sovereign people” (1990) always on the relationship between the people and the Roman aristocracy with papal power.


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