Time.news “Here is thethe first announcement of Easter that I would like to deliver to you: it is possible to always start over, because there is always a new life that God is capable of making us restart beyond all our failures “. Pope Francis said so in the homily during the Easter Vigil.

“Even from the rubble of our heart God can build a work of artand, even from the ruinous fragments of our humanity, God prepares a new history “, he continued,

He always precedes us: on the cross of suffering, desolation and death, as well as in the glory of a life that is reborn, of a history that changes, of a hope that is reborn. And in these dark months of pandemic we hear the risen Lord inviting us to start again, to never lose hope “.

“Sister, brother, if on this night you carry a dark hour in your heart, a day that has not yet dawned, a buried light, a broken dream, open your heart with amazement at the announcement of Easter: ‘Do not be afraid, he is risen! He awaits you in Galilee ‘”, he said again Bergoglio,

“Your expectations will not remain incomplete, your tears will be dried, your fears will be overcome by hope. Because the Lord precedes you, walks in front of you. And, with Him, life begins again”. It is therefore a question of “going to the borders”, knowing that faith is not a simple reminder of the beautiful moments of the past.

On the contrary: “Faith, to be alive, must get back on the road. Every day it must revive the beginning of the journey, the amazement of the first encounter”.

Not by chance “Jesus began his mission from there, addressing the announcement to those who carry on their daily life with difficulty, to the excluded, the frail, the poor, to be the face and presence of God, who goes to seek without tiring those who are discouraged or lost, who move to the limits of existence because in his eyes no one is last, no one excluded “.


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