In two months, the return commission received 56 applications

In two months, the return commission received 56 applications

Prosecutor General Andrei Shved told about it an interview Oath.

Earlier it was reported that in the first month of the commission’s work, it received 23 appeals, but most of the applications “did not meet” the criteria stipulated in the decree. Now, according to Shved, another 33 people have gone there.

– The materials are being prepared for the commission meeting. I think that in the near future we will consider the first part of these appeals in the order established by the decree, – said the Prosecutor General.

  • The return commission started working at the beginning of February. The Prosecutor General’s Office launched a special site. As reported, those who turn to the commission must explain why they are afraid to return, repent, make a public apology and cover the damage caused.
  • Some people returning to Belarus are detained. On March 30, police prisoner Tatsiana Kurylina, who returned from abroad “under the program of the security forces”, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

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