In Ukraine, they called the condition for the meeting of Zelensky and Putin

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin only if the issue of “Russia’s occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine” is discussed, said the press secretary of the Ukrainian president Serhiy Nikiforov.

According to him, Zelensky is ready to personally meet with Putin in any neutral territory at any time.

“It is necessary that at this meeting there was a question about the occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine by Russia. Therefore, the conversation and contacts about this meeting at some level are really supported about this meeting, but it is imperative to ensure that this most important issue is put on the agenda, which, of course, Russia does not want, “he said in an interview with the TV channel. “House”.

Earlier, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the issue of the ownership of Crimea cannot become a topic of discussion at a meeting of the leaders of the two states.

On September 10, at the YES Brainstorming forum in Kiev, Zelensky announced the likelihood of a war between Ukraine and Russia. “I think maybe. There is potential in this topic … This will be Russia’s biggest mistake, after that there will never be a neighborhood between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, “Zelensky said in response to a relevant question from the forum moderator.



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