In which cases is a pregnancy high risk?

In which cases is a pregnancy high risk?

2023-10-01 16:00:00

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or are already expecting a baby, we will tell you What are the cases in which a pregnancy could be high risk? so that you take it into account.

What is a high risk pregnancy?

He United States National Institute of Health explains that a high risk pregnancy is when the health of the mother or fetus is put at risk.

High-risk pregnancies occur in situations such as:

Pre-existing health conditions or problems such as HIV, hypertension or diabetesOverweight or obesityMultiple birthsYoung or elderly mothers (age 35 and older)

According to experts, mothers who are considered high risk pregnanciesthey must have special and constant attention throughout the pregnancy to avoid complications.

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What are the most risky weeks in pregnancy?

Experts say that the most complicated weeks in pregnancy are the first 10, that is, the first trimester, as it is decisive for the body to prepare and see if it is capable of carrying the pregnancy or not.

However, for high-risk pregnancies, every week can mean considerable risk, so they need constant monitoring.

What are the warning signs in pregnancy?

Los Centers for Disease Control and Prevention They mention that warning signs during pregnancy include:

Dizziness or fainting Severe headache that persists or does not go away Changes in vision Fever Extreme swelling in the face or hands Thoughts about hurting yourself or your baby Difficulty breathing Chest pain or fast heartbeat Severe nausea and vomiting Severe abdominal pain that persists Hectic or very fast movements baby’s stillness in the wombBleeding or fluid loss during pregnancyExtreme tirednessSignificant swelling, redness, or pain in a leg or arm

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Now you not only know in which cases a pregnancy is high riskbut the signs that can be worrying for the mother and the baby, so you should be alert and seek professional help if you present them.

We share a video with useful information on how you can prepare your body to receive pregnancy in the best way.

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