In Yakutia, the regional emergency regime introduced due to forest fires has been canceled

The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, canceled the regional emergency regime in the forests, which had been in effect since June 23 due to fires. He announced this today, September 14, during a meeting with firefighters and the presentation of commemorative signs “Participant in extinguishing forest fires in 2021.”

The cancellation was motivated by “the localization of large forest fires in the actively protected area of ​​the forest fund and the abolition of the emergency situation in the forests of the municipal character of the Vilyui, central, trans-riverine groups of districts.” Today in Yakutia there are no forest fires that threaten settlements and economic facilities.

According to the operational data of Avialesokhrana, 50 wildfires are active on the territory of Yakutia, 16 fires were liquidated per day on a total area of ​​22 396 hectares. The extinguishing involved 500 people and 85 units of equipment, attracted by the governing bodies of the Yakutsk territorial subsystem of the RSChS, forest fire units and the Yakutsk branch of the Federal Reserve. Three wildfires continue to operate in a 10-kilometer zone in the Churapchinsky, Vilyui and Amgimnsky districts. The most active work is being carried out in the Ust-Maisky region, where, according to the Yakutsk airbase, there are six hotbeds of forest fires. For extinguishing, a group of 121 people and 16 pieces of equipment was involved.

Nikolai Borisov, Yakutsk



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