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Maccabi Petah Tikva has marked the current transfer window that will determine where the club is headed in the next half of the season. Avi Luzon’s team, which started the season with expectations of joining the top playoffs for the second year in a row, got entangled at the bottom, managed to change coaches and mostly looked for the players to help it get out of the difficult situation it got into.

So far, chairman Avi Luzon and coach Nir Klinger have managed to add two players: Moldavian striker Yon Nikolsko and Or Inbrom, who belonged to MS Ashdod until recently. In a very surprising move, the 26-year-old player left the Malabes at the end of last season Inbrom was part of the team that advanced to the Premier League, qualified for the Cup final in 2020 (and even scored one of the goals in the semi-final against Hapoel Tel Aviv) and finished last year in the top playoffs in the senior league.

Orr Inbrom (Reuven Schwartz)

To be honest, Petah Tikva wanted to keep the player at the end of last season, but the obstacle was contractual: the agreement between the parties stipulated that if Petah Tikva wanted to sign him at the beginning of a new contract, it would have to significantly upgrade his salary, with chairman Avi Luzon preferring not to In addition, Luzon has a warm relationship with the player, according to the club. Inbrom is one of the team’s favorite players and when he heard that the player received an offer for a long-term contract for two years with an option for another season in Ashdod, he even gave him a blessing. The way and made it clear to him that for the sake of his future, it is better for him to sign there.

Or Inbrom Celebrates (Radad Jabara)Or Inbrom Celebrates (Radad Jabara)

Professionally, it is hard to say that Inbrom failed in his half season in Ashdod. He scored two league goals, against Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv, was on the grass for 496 minutes and was not on the shelf to leave at all. But when his agent Idan Ben-Abu saw that his position was under pressure, he initiated a move. He did not think of releasing him, he decided to give the green light to the move, when even in the port city they made it clear that in the current state of affairs, it is better that the player, who will only go on loan, return to play continuously. Cooking.

Avi Luzon, who saw his team entangled deep at the bottom of the league and struggling for relegation, jumped on the bargain. Agile negotiations led the player to Petah Tikva and to join forces with Nir Klinger, who has already coached him in three different terms. It was Klinger who coached him at the beginning of his career in the seniors in Ashdod, then in Betar Jerusalem and finally at Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Or Inbrom.  Looks good in Ashdod (Reuven Schwartz)Or Inbrom. Looks good in Ashdod (Reuven Schwartz)

Overall, the combination of the parties led to success: at Hapoel Tel Aviv the match may have worked a little less well, but Inbrom left shortly after the esteemed coach arrived, while at the same time suffering from an annoying injury that made it difficult for him to show the ability we are used to. 55. Hearing about the option to attach him, he immediately made it clear to Luzon: “I want him.” “I’m building on you and glad you came,” he told the player in the initial conversation between them after the signing.

So true, Petah Tikva does not have a clause that gives it the right to continue the contract next season, but the club believes that a good half-season could lead to him staying next season, subject to an agreement with Jackie Ben Zaken’s team.

Professionally, Inbrom has already proved in his debut game against my brother Nazareth on Tuesday and after he has finished serving his expulsion sentence he received in the Football Association’s disciplinary court, how important he is. He scored a disqualified goal in the first half, and beyond that released Lemek Benda and James Adney a bit to concentrate on actions at the front and was the one who led the team’s attacks and took some of the burden off them. Even in Petah Tikva they did not believe that he would integrate so quickly.

Orr Inbrom (Noam Moreno)Orr Inbrom (Noam Moreno)

“See it this week and it will continue later: Or will be the player who can help keep the ball, something we are so lacking and certainly in goals and assists, something we were missing at the beginning of the season. He matured in his game and we see it year after year. Maccabi Petah Tikva It’s a club that enveloped him and not just because he succeeded here, “said the professional team, adding:” They made him an image of some problematic player. For a year and a half at Maccabi Petah Tikva, Laor did not have even the slightest discipline problem. It is light years away from how they tried to paint him. “

By the way, another reason that connects the Malabes to Inbrom lies in his brother Eyal, who plays for the club and is currently recovering from surgery he underwent to rehabilitate the cruciate ligament. The actor himself also wanted to be by his brother’s side as he goes through the difficult period.


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