Incident in Austria due to mistreatment! Shocking information released

by time news

A court in Austria has fined a doctor about 2,700 euros for misconduct.

A respectable 83-year-old man lives with his family in Austria. He had been suffering from unbearable pain in his left leg for a few days. He then went to the Freistadt Clinic in Austria.

The doctor who examined him then said that he had to have his left leg removed. Following this, the medical expert surgically removed the patient’s left leg last May.

The case was discovered two days after the foot was removed. The patient suffering from this malpractice has complained to the doctor. The case came up for hearing in court.

The court then ordered the doctor to pay a fine of 2,700 euros as he was found guilty. But that patient died miserably before he could get justice.

The doctor was subsequently ordered to pay 5,000 euros in compensation to his family.


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