Incorrect parking in Germany: who will pay for a tow truck

Readers of the weekly edition “MK-Germany” often ask questions about how to remove an illegally left car from a private parking lot – when to call a tow truck and how not to stay “sitting on the money” if a careless driver managed to drive away his car?

This question was answered by the lawyer Ksenia Krug.

– A person who illegally parked his car in a private parking lot is liable to the owner and the owner of the place for the costs of paying for the tow truck service ordered the next morning. Even if by the time the tow truck arrived, the car owner had already removed it from this place.

The owner of the parking space is advised to take a photo of the illegally parked car, if possible, placing a daily newspaper on the parked car so that it looks like a release date.

Ksenia KRUG, lawyer,

Grabenstrasse 11 a, 40213 Düsseldorf,

[email protected],

0211-542 13820, 0178-295 2201,

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