Increase in travel to tourist destinations for summer vacations- air fares hike

Increase in travel to tourist destinations for summer vacations- air fares hike


School and college exams are over and summer vacations are about to start soon. As a result, the number of tourists traveling to foreign countries and foreign cities from Chennai is increasing due to the summer vacation.

Air ticket bookings for traveling abroad are on the rise in the month of May. Bookings are likely to increase from Chennai to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

And for coming to Chennai from these countries, around Rs.30 thousand to Rs.40 thousand, and for Middle East countries like Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, from Rs.20 thousand to Rs. The ticket fee has gone up to 30,000.

Similarly, people are showing interest in going to countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia from Chennai. The number of travelers going here is also increasing.

But since there are no direct flights from Chennai to these countries, one has to go through other states. Due to this additional air fare has to be spent.

People are choosing new places as these tourist places are always visited by more people and the flight ticket rates to these places have increased. Nowadays, people are showing interest in visiting new tourist destinations.

Accordingly, they book flight tickets to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Similarly, air passenger ticket booking for domestic tourism is also hot. One way fare from Chennai to Delhi via Sri Nagar in May is Rs.13 thousand to Rs. It has gone up to 18 thousand. Also, from Chennai to Andaman Rs. 8,000 to Rs. Air ticket fares are increasing up to 10 thousand.

According to travel agencies, tourists are currently booking tickets to go abroad in May, which is the summer season. Because they need to get tourist visa at the right place.

The number of domestic tourists is highest in late April or early May. It was similar last year too. They said that it was significant that more passengers went to Jammu and Kashmir.


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