“Increase the pressure on perpetrators!”: Malu Dreyer at the child molester hunters | Regional

Mainz – Child abuse and pornography cases are exploding!

While 681 child pornography offenses were registered in 2019, the number shot up by 52.4% to 1038 in 2020. “In 2021 we expect over 1400 cases,” LKA boss Johannes Kunz (63) estimated on Monday.

The number of cases of child abuse rose from 647 to 670 (plus 3.6%).

130 officials work nationwide in this area. Reason for MP Malu Deyer (60, SPD) to visit the child molester hunters in the LKA.

Special investigator Anja Klein (46, Bad Kreuznach) has had more than 100 cases on the table in 18 years: “We get them from the public prosecutor, including IP address, telephone numbers or email addresses.”

The material is checked, then determined – all the way to schools.

Mere possession is also punishable!

Because time and again there are young people among the perpetrators who share such pictures in chat groups, for example.

“Very many are inexperienced, they lack sensitivity,” says LKA specialist Tim Henkel (34).

House searches with seizures of cell phones and computers would come quickly. At the end of the process would be, even eight years as a verdict. Because offenses about abuse are crimes – even the mere possession of pictures.

The MP: “Child abuse is the worst offense! We have to keep increasing the pressure on perpetrators to investigate. “



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