India closes the Marò case, now the Italian justice will evaluate them – The Supreme Court of India has closed all the proceedings still open against the Italian marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, accused of killing two Kerala fishermen in 2012. The court asked that Italy immediately start a trial against the two soldiers. The closure of the proceedings, at the origin of a long dispute between India and Italy, was decided after India accepted l’arbitrato internazionale del Unclos (United Nations Convention on the law of the sea), which has jurisdiction over the military of the Italian Navy. Last week, local media reported, the same court had agreed to close the proceedings in exchange for compensation of 100 million rupees, equal to over one million euros, to the relatives of the victims.

Di Maio’s satisfaction

“All judicial proceedings in India against the two Apulian marines, the 44 year old Salvatore Girone and the 54 year old Massimiliano Latorre, have been closed. Thanks to those who worked consistently on the case, thanks to our tireless diplomatic corps. A point is definitely put to this long each other “. It is the text of a message that the Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, he posted on his Twitter profile after Indian media broke the news of the Supreme Court’s decision to close the proceedings against Girone and Latorre, accused of killing two Kerala fishermen in 2012. “The case with India is closed. A success of Italian diplomacy, “he tweeted the European Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, who had dealt with the affair when he was prime minister.

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Girone and Latorre by the prosecutors of Rome

Thus ends the ‘international phase’ of a story that had led to the arrest by the Indian police of the two Italian naval riflemen, embarked on the Italian oil tanker Enrica Lexie as military protection units. The Italian military is accused of killing on February 15, 2012 off the coast of Kerala, state of South West India, Valentine Jelastine and Ajeesh Pink, two fishermen on board an Indian fishing boat.

However, the ‘national’ phase remains open: Latorre and Girone, accused of voluntary murder for the death of two fishermen in India, they will be heard by the prosecutors of Rome in the coming weeks in piazzale Clodio. For this matter, the prosecutors had opened a proceeding since 2012. The proceeding is entrusted to deputy prosecutor Erminio Amelio, which in recent months has analyzed the documents sent by the International Court of The Hague – which in July 2020 decided jurisdiction in favor of Italy – and then proceeded to conclude the investigations that could arrive in the summer.
The two Navy riflemen were heard by the Capitoline prosecutors for the first time on January 3, 2013 when they returned to Italy for a few days. Also in 2013, on behalf of the public prosecutor, an appraisal was also carried out on the computer and on a camera that were on board the Enrica Lexie, the ship where the two soldiers were on duty.



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