India-Dinamani in Group A.

India have been placed in Group A of the FIFA 17-year-old Women’s World Cup to be held in October.

The International Football Confederation (FIFA) and the All India Football Federation (AIFF) will host the World Cup in India from October 11 to 30. A total of 16 teams are participating in the tournament which will be held in 3 cities including Bhubaneswar, Goa and Navi Mumbai.

With the preparations for the match in full swing, the matches for the teams in New Delhi, the division shake-up took place on Friday.

India in Group A:

India, which is hosting the tournament, is in Group A with the strongest nations including the United States, Brazil and Morocco. Jomani, Nigeria, Chile and New Zealand in Group B, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and China in Group C.

Japan, Tanzania, Canada and France are also in Group D.

FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Heath O’Reilly, former New Zealand coach Ricky Hebdo, FIFA tournament director Jayce Yassa and women’s football chief Sarai Bowman were among those shaken up.


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