India has lost control of 26 patrol points in eastern Ladakh – report

New Delhi: It is reported that control of 26 of India’s 65 patrol points on the eastern Ladakh border has been lost. This was reported by NDTV quoting a senior police officer. The report of losing control of the patrol point also comes out during the ongoing conflict with China on the border.

From Karakoram Pass to Chumur, there are 65 points where Indian security forces have to patrol daily. Of these, control of 26 was lost because security forces did not patrol, or due to other constraints. The control of patrol points 5 to 17, 24 to 32 and patrol point 37 has been lost, Leh police officer P.D. NDTV quoted Nitya. Reporting.

A report was submitted clarifying this in the annual meeting of top police officers held in Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Security Advisor Ajit Doval and others attended the meeting.

According to the report, the Chinese team reached these areas after not seeing the presence of Indian forces. According to the report, China opposes Indian patrols even in the buffer zone, claiming it as their territory and asserting India’s withdrawal. According to the report, the same strategy was used by the Chinese forces in Galvan.


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